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Liverpool FC has officially decided the Premier League title for the current season 2019-2020 for the first time since the absence of the Reds 30 years ago, and before the competition ended with 7 rounds, the club’s official website revealed the story of the famous high surfer Sebastian Studtner, who used It is used by the German coach Juergen Klopp to help the players to keep calm under pressure and difficult challenges at all times.

Liverpool confirmed that the German Juergen Klopp used the famous surfer in Reds camp, Evian, before the start of the current season 2019-2020.

The famous surfer Sebastian Stodtner’s mission began when Liverpool players demanded to hold their breath underwater in the pool for a period of 10 to 90 seconds, which was carried out by all players.

He continued to assign the famous underwater duo Mohamed Salah and Croatian Diane Leuven, and the latter managed to beat “Mo Salah” by 15 or 20 seconds after a strong competition between them.

The famous surfer Stodtner said that this test was done on a daily basis in Liverpool camp, so that difficult and seemingly impossible challenges could be overcome.

“There should be a lot of pressure if you allow it, if you focus only on the 100 percent mission, it’s the same thing underwater,” he added.

And he continued, “If you think about the ability to breathe and the desire to get out of the water, then you are uncomfortable, and you will immediately panic and you will not be able to perform at all, but if you relax and focus you will reach the goal, and I think that you can translate it into anything, they understood Really, really, really fast. “

The famous surfer, he is the most dangerous Liverpool players inside the camp “Evian” in France, the story of his life with surfing, stressing to them that he was always searching for the perfect wave and endure the difficulties in front of high waves in order to reach the goal and always provide the perfect performance.

The club’s official website said that this may be the reason for the steady performance that Liverpool players have shown throughout the current season of the Premier League, through which they managed to win 28 rounds out of a total of 31 and then two draws and one loss, which led them to the nominal goal of achieving English Premier League title after waiting 30 years and delighting their fans around the world.

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