The story of Nania Yusuf, who decided to convert to Islam, couldn’t calm down, remember his family until he died


Do you still remember the Indonesian Idol graduate, Nania Yusuf? The 38-year-old woman decided to return to Islam recently.

Previously, Nania had embraced Islam. However, he decided to convert by converting to Christianity. Well, his decision to return to Islam actually appeared two or three years ago.

“Actually, this feeling existed about two to three years ago,” said Nania Yusuf.

The woman who was born in Jombang revealed her reason for wanting to return to Islam. He had thought about how he would be buried when he died. Moreover, his extended family still did not accept when Nania decided to convert.

“When I was quiet, I thought about it this way, when I die, I want to be buried as a Muslim or a Christian,” he said.

“Because after all my family has not accepted me as a Christian, even though they said ‘okay I accept’, it’s just my parents’ hearts (different), I feel it now.”

Nania has gone through various careful considerations to solidify her heart to embrace Islam. He completely emptied his senses.

“Yesterday when I came home before making a video clip for my new single, I honestly have emptied all my feelings, I don’t want to accept slander, I am empty, I am neutral. Until finally I came home and I told my mom and dad that I would hug again Islam,” said Nania Yusuf.

Well, after making up her mind, Nania then informed her parents of her decision. Instantly, his burdens and thoughts became relieved, Mother.

“When I told my parents, mom and dad, my burden was light, it felt like whatever I would face, I wouldn’t be afraid anymore, because I have a big family,” he said.

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To guide her back to Islam, Nania met Gus Miftah. So what’s the full story?


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[Gambas:Video Haibunda]


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