The Story of Frans Bauer’s Hit Song ‘Do You Have a Moment for Me?’

But few Dutch people will agree with the refrain Do you have a moment for me unable to sing along word for word. Twenty years ago, Frans Bauer scored the biggest hit of his career. But the song did not immediately reach number one.

2003 was the year for Bauer, but Do you have a moment for me could have become a mega hit a year earlier. The song first appeared in October 2002. Only true Bauer fans knew it Do you have a moment for me then: the song was the so-called B-side of the single One day the sun will shine for you.

How come Do you have a moment from me? was still a success? It wasn’t because of all the fans who recommended that B-side to friends. But it had everything to do with the reality series The farmers.

The series was broadcast on RTL in 2003 and the Netherlands became completely captivated by it. The program about the life of the folk singer and his family not only attracted an audience of millions, but also won the Golden Televizier Ring in 2004.

The song was used as the theme music of the series and thus became a hit. Do you have a moment for me shot to first place in the charts. And now, twenty years later, it is still a carnival classic.

Written in thirty seconds

As long as it took the song to become a hit, it was on paper so quickly. “A song like Do you have a moment for me is there in thirty seconds. You don’t think about it any further,” Bauer told in 2004 Fidelity.

He praised his songwriter Emile Hartkamp for his melodies. “That is something few people can do. Emile is such a person. He sometimes comes up with a new melody that makes me think: man, I sing that in the morning when I wake up, without thinking about it.”

although Do you have a moment for me is undoubtedly Bauer’s most famous hit, it was certainly not the first. Shortly after his participation in All You Need Is Love, in which two Dianas wanted to go on a date with him, Bauer’s debut album was released. His first hit came in 1994: met When Stars Are In The Sky he secured a place in the Dutch Top 40 for the first time.

And he has done that many more times. With none other than Marianne Weber at his side, his first number 1 hit was a fact in 1997. The Rainbow was at the top for no less than three weeks.

Used again in advertising many years later

Bauer’s hit success seemed to fail for a while after that, but Do you have a moment for me everything changed. Fransje, as the singer likes to call himself, could not have imagined that he would still be making money from the song many years later.

And that’s not just because of the more than fourteen million Spotify streams that the song has now amassed. Bauer signed an advertising deal with gingerbread brand Peijnenburg in 2020. In the advertisement, the singer supposedly dreamed of an international career. Of course, that couldn’t happen without an English-language version of his biggest hit. So the song became like Have you a moment for me once again imprinted in the collective memory of the Netherlands.

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Frans Bauer – Have You For Me

An ode to Mick Jagger

As if that wasn’t enough, even the biggest stars in the world got involved Do you have a moment for me. For example, Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones thanked his Dutch audience in 2017 by singing a part of the song on Instagram. “I have a huge fan,” Bauer responded happily.

The song has also often been the subject of jokes and criticism. But Bauer couldn’t be bothered with that in 2004. Nor do reviewers’ opinions. “Often their comments have a lot to do with taste,” he said. “And with my songs, you either like them or you don’t.”

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Mick Jagger sings Have You A Moment For Me

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