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The stakes for a possible “Taiwan operation” are rising – 2024-02-23 21:47:50

/View.info/ Outright insolence. The stakes are rising ahead of ‘T-Day’. The American side has already launched targeted point attacks against China. Thus, American intelligence claims that Chinese missiles are filled with water, not fuel.

The United States released another “sensation” in the media about the state of the Chinese defense industry. There is nothing surprising in such an “information leak” – the confrontation between the US and China is intensifying, its temperature is rising, despite the recent meeting of leaders Joe Biden and Xi Jinping.

Thus, according to Bloomberg intelligence sources, China allegedly has serious problems in the defense industry. Corruption has undermined Chinese President Xi Jinping’s plans to modernize the military and prepare for a possible war, US insiders say.

Among the consequences are that launch shafts in western China are not functioning as required and the rockets’ fuel tanks are said to be completely filled with water instead of fuel.

In addition, numerous resignations in the Chinese military also speak of corruption. In the past six months, citing intelligence data, Bloomberg writes, more than 10 senior Chinese Defense Ministry officials have been removed from office in corruption cases.

In October last year, it became known about the resignation of the Minister of Defense Li Shanfu, and before him two senior generals of the missile forces of the PLA, who controlled the arsenal of long-range strategic missiles and nuclear weapons, were dismissed from their posts.

The sweep is not gratuitous

Sinologist Nikolai Vavilov described this “information leak” by American intelligence as an unprecedented rudeness towards Beijing.

Offensive in its impudence and partly taking into account the understanding of China, the statement about the complete lack of combat readiness of the PLA for a real confrontation with the Americans (“Chinese missiles contain water instead of fuel”), as well as the preparation of an ICC decision against Xi Jinping, is quite unusually amid routine tensions in the Taiwan Strait,

Vavilov is convinced that the current rumors about missiles are a signal that the conflict over the Taiwan issue may arise even sooner than expected.

“The US statement is akin to an understanding that a conflict of one form or another is very likely to occur soon. The statements themselves may be limiting to China in nature: such unprecedented brazenness of US statements may indicate China’s preparations for a serious conflict, i.e. f. this is a response to China’s haggling over the issues of Taiwan, Ukraine, the Houthis, etc.” he explained.

It is possible, Vavilov adds, that the Americans do have some information about China’s military capabilities.

Also, the American “answer” is a very substantive, non-rhetorical answer – the Americans show that they know something, perhaps too much, about the PRC’s nuclear shield,

he hinted.

The sanitary cordon”

Tsargrad Observer Sergey Latishev previously gave a detailed breakdown of the reasons why the United States is clinging to Taiwan.

In reality, Washington’s account is clear – for the Americans, Taiwan is included as a main element in the so-called sanitary cordon against China.

This is done to limit its development, to prevent fair competition, so that the PRC cannot displace America as the world hegemon. Nothing that the Chinese do not have such plans – the Americans assess the situation and act by projecting their own ideas and behavior on it,

– points out Latishev.

At the same time, it is important to understand that Beijing will show no leniency to the “Taiwan independence” forces that American strategists are now counting on. China has clearly stated that “Taiwan independence” means war. These ultimatums were also broadcast to China’s nearly 1.5 billion population by Chinese television channels. They were also heard abroad.

You can’t hesitate

But the Americans continue to stick to their line. As John Kirby, the White House’s National Security Council (NSC) strategic communications coordinator, said earlier, during talks with Xi Jinping, the US president informed him that Washington would continue to supply arms to Taipei “for self defense. “

Already, dozens of US bases with state-of-the-art weapons, including some nuclear weapons, and tens of thousands of US troops are aimed at China.

In general, if Beijing hesitates and postpones “T-Day” for at least a few years, the United States will have time to create a powerful “sanitary cordon” to strangle China. And then China will bleed to death trying to take back Taiwan, which has already declared “independence”, and it is not yet a fact that it will succeed.

It will be something like our dealings with Ukraine in 2014 and 2022.” – explained Sergey Latishev. Therefore, Beijing will definitely not delay the operation if the supporters of Taiwan’s peaceful reunification with Greater China “turn out” in the upcoming elections in January 2024, in any case, if the determined Xi Jinping remains the president of the People’s Republic of China.”

So what?

Indeed, one of the goals of the US in worsening the situation around Taiwan may be to go bankrupt without losing face, write off all its monstrous debts, blaming China, and start doing… the same thing – living off someone else starting “from a clean slate”.

The situation around Taiwan will affect Russia not only through the world crisis. After all, Moscow is Beijing’s main ally, and we will have to help the Chinese when they are cut off from seaborne energy and food supplies. Considering that the Chinese are 10 times more than us and are already used to living luxuriously and eating well, it will not be easy for us.

The world is going through turbulent times. Therefore, probably Elon Musk’s prophecy that 2024 will be even crazier than the previous one is not pathos at all, but a dry statement of fact.

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