The sports coupe according to the old recipe returns. Toyota introduces GR 86

Subaru has introduced its second-generation BRZ earlier, but due to emissions, Europe will at least avoid it for the time being. However, the army of hybrid models is once again rescuing enthusiasts at Toyota – fleet emissions should not hinder the arrival of the new GR 86 on the “old continent”.

The predecessor was called GT 86, the change of the name of the novelty is understandable – it is the third representative of the GR family, ie Gazoo Racing. It will stand next to the Supra GR and Yaris GR models.

Like the new BRZ, Toyota is building on the same platform as its predecessor. The fact that it is perhaps more of a very thorough modernization is recorded by a look at the side parts of the car, which are similar. However, the bow and stern, but also the interior, are significantly differently processed.

Toyota GR 86.

Photo: Toyota

Inside the car, we still don’t expect luxurious materials, but rather austerity and a perfect position behind the wheel. However, incomplete information suggests a different instrument panel design and better multimedia equipment, including a digital instrument panel or a larger center screen.

The novelty is built according to the same recipe as the original, of which over 200,000 pieces have been sold since 2012. The main role is to be played again by the low weight of 1270 kg, low center of gravity and playfulness on narrow tires. Toyota also says the body is 50 percent stiffer than its predecessor.

Under the hood, the so-called boxer, a Subaru engine, ie an atmospherically filled four-cylinder petrol engine with horizontal pistons, beats again. This time, however, it has 2.4 liters. In the Japanese specification, the car offers a power of 173 kW (235 hp) at 7000 rpm and a torque of 250 newton meters. This means accelerating from zero to 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds. However, we will still wait for the official numbers for the European market.

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Toyota GR 86.

Photo: Toyota

Toyota GR 86.

Photo: Toyota

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