The speed camera will surprise the motorist


Speed ​​devils who know where the speed cameras are and so can tear through the country without problems have been warned: the Public Prosecution Service is increasingly putting speed cameras in unexpected places, De Telegraaf writes.

The Public Prosecution Service is now conducting a trial in Tilburg, and seven poles will be built in Rotterdam. Of these, three are equipped with a camera, but the Public Prosecution Service does not say which they are, in the hope that the ‘placebo posts’ also prevent the driver from depressing the accelerator too far.

Last year, the Public Prosecution Service conducted a first test along the A76 in Limburg and during work along the N7 in Groningen. The results of the trial were positive, a newspaper spokesperson said. The portable speed camera system worked and the number of speeding offenders clearly decreased.

The speed cameras will be in one place for a month. They are locations where driving is too fast.

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