The singers are out of work. They retrain as a carpenter or gravedigger

After the spring disaster and the summer recovery, the second wave of covid came like an ice shower. The heads of art institutions and entrepreneurs have their eyes left to cry. “Freelance artists are out of work again and no one has told them for how long,” says Gabriela Petráková, head of the operetta / musical ensemble at the National Theater of Moravian-Silesian Ostrava. “No one can tell us when it will end.

One of our key artists – externs, on whom we build our repertoire, has already retrained as a carpenter, the other is starting to work as a gravedigger, “Petráková described. Specifically, the singer was trained as a carpenter, and the participant in the first row of the Czechia is looking for Superstar Tomáš Savka.

Only the strongest will survive

There is no need for too much fun even in the House of Culture in Hodonín. “It’s bad, because Karel was supposed to play next week, at which tickets were finally sold in larger numbers. But we have to return them, “says Marcel Řimák, director of the Hodonín” culturalist “, with reference to the upcoming premiere of a documentary about Karel Gott.

Often these are not just financial problems, but also technical limitations. This is true, for example, of winter stadiums. “Ice costs us several thousand crowns a day. We have to decide if it would not be better to defrost it and then possibly do it again. It all depends on how long we will be out of service, “points out Pavel Tetřev, director of Sportarény Teplice. He doesn’t believe much in a 14-day break. “I think it will be longer term,” says the Grouse.

“Only the strongest will survive,” says Martin Hašek, great-grandson of the famous writer from Lipnice nad Sázavou, who runs the U české koruny inn under the castle. The inn is dependent on tourism, all social events are canceled. “I subsidize the company from my own pocket, I have seven employees that I don’t want to lay off,” says Hašek. In the spring, subsidy programs from the government helped him. But now he can forget about them.

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