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The Significance of the Purple Carpet: Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Identity and Hospitality Explored

Dubai, United Arab ⁢Emirates (CNN) – Badr Al-Asaker, the director of the private office of Saudi Crown⁣ Prince Mohammed bin Salman,‌ has shared a video explaining the reason behind choosing the color “purple” for the carpet instead of the traditional red color during official receptions for guests of the kingdom.

Al-Asaker tweeted, saying: “The Saudi‌ lavender… covers the ground with⁢ its unique beauty and fragrance… and from it comes the cultural uniqueness in enhancing the Saudi identity by‍ choosing purple as the color for the carpet used in receiving official state guests.”

The Saudi⁢ Ministry of Culture had previously explained in a statement: “The Kingdom of ⁣Saudi Arabia has chosen purple as the approved color for the carpet used in‍ receiving official state guests, including heads of state, ministers, ambassadors, ⁤and representatives of ‍sister and friendly countries, in addition to the carpet used in various official‍ occasions.”

The ministry stated ‌in its statement: “The purple carpet⁣ harmonizes with the color of the Saudi deserts and its plateaus in‍ the spring season when it is adorned with the ‍color of the lavender flower, as ⁢well as other​ plants such as the aihlan and⁤ basil, which together form a natural cover in purple, reflecting the welcome of the land of the kingdom⁣ to its visitors, and its generosity that is similar to the​ generosity of its people, through the color of the giving nature as it thrives in its most beautiful state… The purple‌ ceremonial carpet also includes a prominent presence ⁤of another Saudi⁤ cultural element represented in the traditional Sadu weaving ‌art‌ that adorns⁣ the edges ⁣of the⁣ new ⁣carpet, adding an additional cultural dimension as it is one of the authentic⁤ popular ⁢crafts⁢ in⁣ the kingdom, officially registered on the Representative List of the ​Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. The⁤ distinctive ‌Sadu patterns extend on both sides of the carpet, giving this ancient national art‌ a⁢ new space ⁤that is added to its‌ multiple uses in the lives⁢ of Saudis.”
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What⁣ factors were ⁢considered when selecting the venue for the specific location​ in Dubai for the ⁤Saudi Crown Prince’s private office?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) -‌ Badr Al-Asaker, the director of Saudi Crown ‌Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s private office, recently ⁢provided a video ‍elaborating on the rationale behind selecting ‌a specific location.

In the video, Al-Asaker sheds light on the thought process ‍that went into deciding on the chosen venue.

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