the shot of the win for Dame, and the passage in force of the lose for Dray

Damian Lillard vs. Stephen Curry, one of the biggest rivalries in the NBA between two spectacular pointers capable of being dangerous from just about anywhere on the court. And if this night Steph finished with the best statistics, it was Dame who left with the win and the winning shot, a shot that the Chef preferred left to… Draymond Green, who hastened to charge. like a donkey on Lillard to be whistled for a passage in force not well clutch. It was Dame Time again tonight, and on both sides of the pitch.

The two best leaders of the League (well what?) Faced each other last night with the opportunity to show the other who is the most insolent shooter on the basketball planet. We thought we had the answer this Sunday during the All-Star Game 3-point contest but Damian Lillard decided to withdraw from the event to rest. Chances of the calendar finally offered us this duel this week but, unfortunately, we were not entitled to the game of the year. Because apparently, a renovation project is underway at the Moda Center given the bricks tossed by the Warriors and the Blazers last night. 15/42 from the parking lot for GS, 14/49 on the Rip City side, you might as well go to Barcelona to see the Sagrada Familia if it is to see such a site. The two teams didn’t seem particularly excited about playing basketball and it seemed like most of the players were already in Cancun for the All-Star (Spring) Break.

The Warriors dominated for most of the meeting and for good reason, Stephen Curry prepared himself well for the Three-Point Contest Sunday since he finished with 35 points including 5 shots from the parking lot, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals. A performance my faith more than correct for the Chef who dominated his direct opponent in the evening for… 47 minutes and 45 seconds. The three-time NBA champion scored eight points in the last five minutes to keep his team afloat, including two 3-points returned at the best of times when he was not particularly precise on the meeting (5/14 from far ). Opposite Dame seemed tired and the six-time All-Star point guard had a quiet game (6/17 shooting, 3/10 from distance). And if the Blazers seemed to be heading towards defeat… an OG nevertheless splashed the ground of his class since Carmelo Anthony was again very good with 22 points at 8/13 shooting and Portland stayed in the game thanks in part to the winger, to give us a dream money time.

A Steph Curry vs Dame Lillard in the money time was in any case the perfect scenario, except that the Chef decided to do charity instead of taking big stepbacks from the logo. Often doubled, Curry was thus forced to let go and none of his teammates knew how to play the game he needed. And when it was Curry who took care of killing the match… he was a total failure, since he did not return any of his last three shots. And opposite … how to say … quite the opposite. After two pitches returned to get his team to a point with 50 seconds remaining, Damian Lillard recovers the ball again after a miss from Curry. As usual, Dame tests her defender before releasing the most indefensible move in the NBA. A shot from the parking lot of almost nine meters which ties in and gives the Blazous a two-point advantage with 14 seconds remaining.

GS still has an opportunity to snatch the win or overtime and as expected it is… Draymond Green who inherits the ball, and after having beautifully feigned Robert Covington from the 3-point line, the winger will rush towards the racket, can be a little too hastily since Damian Lillard, again him, has meanwhile placed himself discreetly under the basket, forcing the victory over Dray. Two clutch actions, in attack then defense, for a Lady who ended up splashing the Warriors of her class after a lagging match. The leader wins his duel against Curry thanks to 15 seconds of boss, thus erasing 47 minutes during which Curry mostly dominated him. An important victory since in the event of defeat, the Warriors would have returned to Portland in the standings.

The Blazers therefore end the first part of the season with a victory and start a well-deserved break with the hope that they are finally complete after these short vacations. Damian Lillard needs CJ McCollum and Jusuf Nurkic to keep winning as the point guard has seemed a bit breathless in recent games, tired of carrying a team literally to himself, even if sometimes (often)… it pays off.

The pretty box score, it’s here!

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