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The sequence of the latest Corona symptoms that people rarely know, fever to diarrhea


A new study reveals a sequence of symptoms for the COVID-19 virus that are common to positive patients. The study was researched by University of Southern California researchers.

Launching CBS News, a medical professor who is not related to the study, Dr.Bob Lahita, said that the new findings about the sequence of Corona symptoms seem to be trusted and used as a benchmark, Mother. The study has been tested on more than 55 thousand patients from China.

The research itself is published in the medical journal Frontier Public Health, in order Corona symptoms starting from fever followed by cough, muscle pain, then nausea, then diarrhea.

“Number one is fever, followed by coughing, then pain, and not all of them have to appear in sequence, but they can also occur simultaneously,” said Lahita.

In that study, it was confirmed that not all patients experienced the same symptoms. But the findings could help in broad terms to show that COVID-19 is a different disease from a common disease.

For example, symptoms of fever and cough are often associated with flu. Research states that the symptoms of fever and cough in COVID-19 are usually accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms.

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Furthermore, USC scientist Peter Kuhn explained that understanding the sequence of COVID-19 symptoms would be useful, especially when we face flu season.

“Doctors can determine the steps that must be taken to treat patients, and prevent the patient’s condition from worsening,” said Kuhn.

Meanwhile, in the new study, USC researchers led by doctoral Joseph Larsen examined the medical records and data of more than 55,000 cases of COVID-19 in China. This data was collected for nine days in February. They also compared these findings with data on 2,470 influenza cases in North America, Eorpa, and the Southern Hemisphere from 1994 to 1998.

So, in addition to symptoms such as loss of smell and loss of taste, symptoms of fever, coughing, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting and then diarrhea can be indicators that we have the COVID-19 virus, the researchers said.

Mother, watch out for symptoms COVID-19 successively, and it doesn’t stop huh. Immediately go to the hospital to get the recommended Covid-19 test.

Check out the new normal during a pandemic in this video:

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