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Fashion is a phenomenon that exists according to its own laws. However, they can change quickly. If in previous eras clothing trends were set by reputable fashion designers and designers, then in recent years, according to analysts, generation Z dictates fashion – in fact, very young people who broadcast their style through numerous social networks. And high fashion adopts some images or things from young influencers. At the same time, the younger generation, unlike its predecessors, does not pursue luxury brands at all, does not recognize fashion icons, preferring to create their own style and buy clothes from indie brands or even second-hand stores. According to many zoomers, there is nothing wrong with exchanging clothes or buying old things – after all, we buy used books, records, and other things, so why not extend this trend to style and fashion?

Each generation has its own views on clothes, style, and wardrobe principles. Take a quick test that will determine how old you are in just one click – you just need to choose the item of clothing you like.

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