The secret of the appearance of the “monster” on Putin’s table is revealed

During the broadcast of the East Asia Summit, in which Vladimir Putin took part, many noticed that there was a toy with one eye on the table of the Russian president. As told in the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin “, we are talking about the” Malaysian monster “donated to the Russian leader.

When Putin approached the table, he found gifts from Malaysia, which is the chairman of ASEAN. Among them were commemorative coins, which the president carefully examined, and a toy in the form of an incomprehensible mythical creature from Malaysian folklore. Putin turned the “monster” over in his hands, after which he built a structure out of a box with coins so that the creature “stood” on its “feet” and was visible to all conference participants. By the way, there were some important papers under the “monster”.

Recall that Putin spoke at the East Asian summit on November 14. As a result of the event, a document was adopted on the creation of the world‘s largest economic organization, including the countries of the Pacific region.


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