The secret knowledge of happy couples

According to recent studies, more than 50% of newlyweds break up during the first couple of years of marriage. Just imagine – more than a half! And these are just the official numbers. How many people do not get divorced technically and just live separate ways? We don’t say a word about those who split up even before the marriage ceremony. So, if you think of what percentage of love birds really love each other and are happy together in the long run – it becomes a little scary. For better understanding, look at your relationships, at your friends, and acquaintances. How many men and women do you personally know who are crazy about each other as it was the day they met? We bet – it’s not many of them in your social circle. 

But how to become one of those dream couples from Hollywood movies? What do you need to do to build a merry and healthy relationship? We can help you! Just follow three simple rules to make things work. 

Try to feel your partner.

Do not try to say it’s not possible. Feelings are the international language – so even if you date Ukrainian mail-order brides – you can do this. 

Just because we, modern people, have put all our efforts into developing our intellectual abilities – we have totally forgotten how to feel. We became scared of our own and others’ sensations, so we stopped sharing them. Right, it’s easier to discuss climate change, troubles at work, routine issues – than what is happening inside us.

This is, therefore, the first and one of the most important secrets of happy relationships – because the perception of emotions gives freedom. When you discover how to feel – you can explain to your partner what is happening to you, what you want, and vice versa. Only when allowing yourself to share – can you achieve genuine closeness.

Accept and meet the needs of both of you.

Why do you need a relationship? Everyone defines it for himself. But, in general, we all need them to receive more satisfaction and delight from life, to be happier than when single.

The simplest and, at the same time, the most difficult question: “What do I want?” Try to answer it with all sincerity. What you think right now determines your needs regarding romance. And, also, can you talk to your partner about your desires and needs? Can you ask her to help you carry them out? And what are you willing to do for your special one? Are you sure you know all these matters about your girlfriend?

Make goals as a couple.

With time, after a year or two of marriage, the storm of passions subsides a little, and the relationship becomes dull, predictable, and calm. The energy which made you two attracted to each other is not that strong anymore. And, if you do nothing, there comes no new charge that keeps the battery full.

In fact, the absence of shared goals in a relationship is a pretty typical reason why love disappears. Children may become this sort of motivation for a while. However, what to do when they start to grow up or are not born yet? Exactly: find something else! Therefore, it is worth thinking, discussing, forming, and moving towards common goals directly today!Remember: problems are always about what you already had. While plans are about the future. When you and your loved one are connected by shared desires and follow the same direction – it fills your romance with energy. And the more powerful one compared with the one at the very beginning. This is what strengthens and grows your feelings.

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