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On the morning of November 28, the second reading class of the municipal party committee’s theme education held a concentrated discussion. Yang Jinjun, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

Municipal leaders Shi Yu, Cao Keyan, Ma Binglin, Zhao Chenyang, Du Pengyi, Liu Chengwei, Li Dingqing, Li Zhijun and others attended the meeting.

Yang Jinjun pointed out that this theme education reading class firmly grasps the general requirements of “learning ideas, strengthening party spirit, emphasizing practice, and building new achievements”, highlights the political requirements of keeping up with each other, strengthens the depth of systematic learning, and embodies the truth-seeking and pragmatic spirit. The excellent style, through special tutoring, concentrated self-study, exchanges and discussions, etc., enables everyone to replenish their spiritual calcium, improve their political standing, strengthen their responsibility, and achieve the purpose of mutual learning, mutual guidance, mutual exchange, and mutual improvement. It provides direction guidance for the next step of work. It is necessary to continue to coordinate and handle the relationship between theoretical learning and application transformation, closely follow the general requirements of thematic education, find the right combination points, pay close attention to key points, and make every effort to promote thematic education to be deeper and more practical.

Yang Jinjun emphasized that it is necessary to maintain the determination of “learning” and continue to work hard on theoretical arming to achieve practical results. Continue to carry forward the good learning methods in thematic education, continue to work hard on reading the original works, learning the original texts, and understanding the principles, strengthen theoretical arming, persist in thinking more, learn deeply and understand thoroughly, do well in articles that deepen internalization and transformation, and effectively achieve Learning, thinking, and application are unified, and knowledge, belief, and action are unified. We must muster the energy to “do” and continue to work hard to improve our capabilities and achieve practical results. Adhere to “learning to build the soul” to consolidate political ability; adhere to “use learning to increase wisdom” to strengthen thinking ability; adhere to “use learning to rectify the style” to develop excellent skills; adhere to “use learning to promote practice” to improve the ability to do practical work. It is necessary to show the spirit of “fighting” and continue to work hard on high-quality development to achieve practical results. Anchor the annual goals and tasks, put “goal orientation” in a prominent position, strengthen node awareness and efficiency awareness, and do a good job in the implementation of various tasks; focus on project planning, further clarify development ideas, clarify development directions, and focus on industrial development and project construction , urban renewal and other work to increase overall planning efforts, strengthen the planning and packaging of projects, and accumulate development momentum; effectively guard the bottom line of safe operation, social stability, and ecological environment to ensure that the overall economic and social development is stable and orderly. Departments at all levels in the city must transform the enthusiasm for learning inspired by thematic education into a powerful driving force for economic and social development, and strive to write a brilliant chapter in building a modern and high-quality medium-sized city with high quality and accelerating the practice of Chinese-style modernization in Xingyang.

At the meeting, city leaders Cao Keyan, Du Pengyi, Li Dingqing, Li Zhijun, Ren Hongzhou, Zhou Hongwu, Wang Huiling, and Jiang Shaobin made exchange speeches around the theme of “emphasis on practice and building new achievements” and combined learning experience and work practice. (Xingyang Media Reporter An Fei Zhao Xiaohui)

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2023-11-29 02:26:00
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