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the Samsung Galaxy S10 in (very) sharp decline on Amazon ????

The sales started this week, an operation in which Amazon is always more present over the years. And for this first weekend, the merchant is dropping the prices of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Cdiscount brings its touch with a broken price on the Galaxy S10e, while the official Samsung store offers discounts on all ranges.

To see the details of the sales on the Samsung site, it’s here:

See Samsung offers

Introduced by Samsung a year ago at MWC 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has many advantages. A year later, the brand unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S20, worthy successors to the three models of 2019. The new range had the advantage of lowering the prices of the Galaxy S10, a real advantage further reinforced by this great promotion launched by Amazon and the official store for sales.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 + are the models in sales on Amazon and the official store. These two most premium smartphones in the range, which also means that they are more substantial than the third model. They have large screens that will appeal to anyone who wants to take advantage of an imposing size panel. With these very attractive promotions, you benefit from low prices without compromising on the quality of your new smartphone – far from it.

What advantages for the Samsung Galaxy S10?

If they were already very attractive before the promo unveiled by Amazon for the sales, the Samsung Galaxy S10 become even more sought after. They are endowed with several advantages of choice, to the point that this flash offer is a nice surprise. The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 + are the two premium models in this range presented at the show dedicated to smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S10e presents itself as a more compact model positioned on another premium niche month.

The sales are just starting, but Amazon is already very aggressive. This edition has been postponed to this week due to the sanitary situation, so that all online merchants want to save the season. To do this, they intend to continue to unveil very competitive offers like the one on the Samsung Galaxy S10. Both models see their prices drop by more than 150 euros each, it’s a real opportunity when choosing a high-end smartphone.

Our video test of the Samsung Galaxy S10 +:

The Samsung Galaxy S10 taking advantage of the sales on Amazon and the official store are really seeing their prices drop. The current discount is almost -40% compared to the initial price of smartphones. This promo of choice also has the advantage of being very popular models on the market. Since their release, they have been among the best smartphones on the market running Android. Their quality, like their success, is no longer in question. It is quite rare that both phones are eligible for such discounts – either at Amazon or directly at Samsung.

If this flash offer on the Samsung Galaxy S10 unveiled by Amazon at the start of sales reaches almost -40%, the amount of savings is around 150 euros. Shortly after their presentation, this range was quickly placed in the closed circle of the most powerful models on the market before being joined by their successors the Samsung Galaxy S20. If you choose the promo phone from Amazon, you are entitled to the same manufacturer warranty as if you purchased directly from Samsung.

It is the Samsung Galaxy S10 + which presents itself as the most high-end smartphone of the three models unveiled by the brand. It benefits from a beautiful 6.4-inch AMOLED screen and has a powerful Exynos 9820 processor. These are just a tiny part of the premium features of the phone which have largely contributed to its success. Without going into too much detail on his file, we already know that it will contribute to the rapid disappearance of the current promo on Amazon for the sales. Stocks are very limited by the online merchant.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 + meets users’ photo expectations thanks to the triple sensor installed on the back of the smartphone. It also has a double front photo module placed directly in the upper corner of the screen. In this way, Samsung allows a very significant space saving for a screen / body ratio of 88.9%. Whether it is the Samsung Galaxy S10 + or the other models, they all use OneUI, a successful Android overlay that shows up for both the experience and the design. Several of the market’s number 1 competitors are still struggling to offer solutions that measure up.

Take the Samsung Galaxy S10 from Amazon

If you decide to take the Samsung Galaxy S10 on sale on Amazon, you are entitled to some advantages of choice. Difficult not to mention the price, since the flash deals drop the prices of smartphones to almost -40%. It is the best price on the market at the moment, knowing that the models are in a premium premium category.

The price of Samsung Galaxy S10 becomes mini, but this discount signed Amazon for sales may disappear in a few hours. Given the fact that promotions on its models are rare, they always attract a lot of people for very reduced stocks. We can only advise you to be quick to arrive before the flash sale is no longer online and the prices go up.

In case you bought your Samsung Galaxy S10 too quickly on Amazon during the soles, you can benefit from a useful second chance. The champion of e-commerce offers a withdrawal period of 30 days, a period during which you can try the smartphone in peace. If it doesn’t suit you, you can send it back and get a full refund. With the Samsung store, this same period is 15 days.

To see the flash offers on the Samsung Galaxy S10, it’s here:

See Samsung offers

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