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The Samsung 8K borderless TV revealed before time?

CES 2020 will be held from January 7 to 10, 2020. On the menu, as every year, all the best from the manufacturers, and all that will fill up in the coming year. The televisions will, as always, celebrate. With the 8K in particular. And Samsung, always.

Samsung should once again cause a sensation at CES in the television segment. The South Korean giant is indeed eagerly awaited. According to recent rumors, it should unveil an 8K borderless TV. And it seems that we have a glimpse of the beast today, even before the opening of CES. The opportunity to discover what this television could look like like no other.

Samsung 8K borderless TV comes out early

It was the German site 4KFilme which recently published what would be the first images of this television, a model which would have for reference A900T or Q950T. If this information is proven, then certainly it is not absolutely, perfectly borderless, but it is very close to it. We can better distinguish a very, very thin black line surrounding the slab. Its foot, meanwhile, would quite accommodate a soundbar, for those who have one in their installation, and a wall-mounted chalkboard seems quite possible as before.

A technical feat that we should be able to admire at CES 2020

A previous rumor suggested that production of this model could start in February. The price of the beast is not (yet) known but it is to be expected that the minimum size is 65 inches, and that the bill is therefore rather high. Finally, there is the question of the real interest of this kind of functionality. Is a TV without any edge really useful? Does this add anything to the experience for the viewer? Hard to say. It is in any case a beautiful technical demonstration that Samsung would realize there. See you from Tuesday January 7 to find out what it is all about.

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