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The Safety and Benefits of Trimming Pubic Hair: Insights from Dermatology Experts

KOMPAS.com – Twitter’s social media timeline is busy discussing how to shave or trim pubic hair completely.

This discussion stems from the stories of netizens who underwent a Brazilian Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL) to permanently remove pubic hair.

Netizen others also ventured to try the treatment and claimed to feel relieved.

“It’s embarrassing, but because together with the underarm, the eyes are closed, fi, I’m very relieved. So I immediately took a lifetime while the promo was too,” he wrote, Saturday (8/7/2023).

However, responding to the upload, some users actually questioned the safety of removing pubic hair permanently.

“But can it be removed permanently? God created that hair for reasons right? I’ve read in health articles that it also says that pubic hair plays an important role,” said netizens.

“Sorry, but Miss V’s hair is better not to lose it permanently. The problem is to prevent dirt from entering directly into Miss V, to protect Miss V from direct friction to underwear too,” commented netizens another.

“Buset? Isn’t it dangerous to lose the hair? The function of the fur is really good, where do you go bald,” wrote netizens another.

So, is it permissible to shave pubic hair?

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No problem trimming pubic hair

Lecturer in Dermatology and Venereology at the Faculty of Medicine, Jenderal Soedirman University, Ismiralda Oke Putranti, explained that pubic hair actually has several functions.

The function of the pubic hair, among other things, is to protect the vaginal area so that it is not easy for foreign objects such as tissue, insects, etc. to enter.

“However Shaving pubic hair is a choice,” he said, when confirmed by Kompas.com, Sunday (9/7/2023).

According to him, it’s not a matter of being bald or not, the important thing to consider is how to remove existing pubic hair.

Okay, I suggest you don’t use painful treatments like Brazilian wax.

Because, apart from being painful, this method also increases the risk of infection due to wounds which are the pathways for bacteria to enter.

Instead, the most appropriate way to trim hair in this area is by trimming or using scissors.

“Hair is cut so that it is not too long and thick. Because pubic hair that is too thick also increases the humidity of the pubic area, so there is a risk of developing a yeast infection,” he said.

This skin and genital specialist added, IPL is the best choice for removing hair on the body because the results are quite satisfying.

“As long as the procedure is carried out by trained medical personnel, and in some cases it cannot be done just once, it has to be done in several sessions.”

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Impact of trimming pubic hair

Similarly, skin and genital specialist at Vivaldy Skin Clinic, Mataram, Dedianto Hidajat, said that trimming pubic hair is not a problem to do.

“That’s okay,” he said, when confirmed separately, Sunday (9/7/2023).

However, too often shaved pubic hair without treatment will have an impact on the area around it.

“Too often and not accompanied by caring for and maintaining the cleanliness of the genital area around pubic hair properly, of course, will have a bad impact,” he said.

Dedianto explained, the adverse effects that might occur, including irritation or allergies, as well as skin becoming more sensitive.

Not only that, shaved pubic hair without maintaining cleanliness also has the potential to trigger infection in the genital area.

“Bacterial, fungal and viral infections occur more easily,” he concluded.

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