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“The Russian army has changed dramatically.” Rajev says what is causing the concern

The war in Ukraine lasts for the 26th day. What is the current fighting situation in Ukraine? Igors Rajevs, a military expert and a reserve officer of the National Armed Forces, tells the TV24 special issue.

He explains that there is no progress for Russian forces. Ukrainians still hold their positions. There are fires in many places.

The situation has not changed near Kiev – Ukrainian troops still continue to hold on to the enemy. Rajev points out that now the Russians will try to surround Kiev in the smallest circle.


Speaking about the possible involvement of Belarusian troops in the war against Ukraine, the military expert emphasized that currently the Belarusians have not yet crossed the border, but have concentrated about 15,000 – 18,000 troops in two places – near Brest and Pinsk.

According to him, the task of these units will be first Kovel and then Lviv and blocking to stop providing assistance to the Ukrainian army from Poland.

The NAF reserve colonel emphasizes that Russia has drastically changed its tactics aimed at inflicting heavy losses on the enemy. After that, the frontal attacks take place in an open manner, trying with all their might to break into the opponent’s defense.

This is likely to happen in Mariupol as well. “Bombard everything you can,” Rajev said.


The military expert points out that the Russian army’s columns are moving from Belgorod to Kharkiv. Russia is regrouping forces, including reserves, and forming groups to attack.

“In a week we will see an increase in attacks and violence,” said the expert.


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