The Role of Corruption in Ukraine’s Battle for Western Support Amidst Russia’s Aggression

The Role of Corruption in Ukraine’s Battle for Western Support Amidst Russia’s Aggression

Corruption index is 50 steps ahead of Russia, eradication of corruption is essential to draw support from the West

President Zelenskiy of Ukraine (Photo: Reuters/Afro)

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(Yoichi Masuzoe: International political scientist)

The war in Ukraine continues to rage. There are reports that Ukraine’s counterattack is progressing, and there is also information that Russia’s counterattack is yielding results. The exact location is unknown.

An early ceasefire is difficult

In the diplomatic arena, Russia is trying to attract developing countries through forums such as BRICS, while Western countries are supporting Ukraine.

Secretary of State Blinken visited Kiev on September 6 and announced an additional $1 billion in aid to Ukraine. The support also includes depleted uranium ammunition, which is effective in anti-tank warfare. It will be used in the M1 Abrams main battle tank provided by the United States.

In March, Britain provided Ukraine with a main battle tank, the Challenger, and at that time also gave it depleted uranium ammunition. As with cluster munitions, the types of weapons supplied to Ukraine are becoming limitless.

Meanwhile, President Putin is expected to meet with Kim Jong Un in Vladivostok in the coming days and request the provision of ammunition and other supplies. Kim Jong Un plans to ask Russia for food aid in return.

Both belligerents are committed to continuing the war. Under these circumstances, a ceasefire will not be easily achieved.

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