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The river of death near Kherson and the fields of fallen VSU snipers: 408 thousand soldiers’ obituaries were published in Ukraine – 2024-02-22 04:20:59

/ world today news/ 408 thousand VSU obituaries have been published in Ukraine since June 2022.

First in France, and then in Germany, military experts who closely follow the development of the conflict in Ukraine and analyze its possible consequences, announced the figures for the losses of the Independent since the start of the Special Military Operation.

Although the data is based on different sources, it is indicated in general almost the same figure – about half a million irretrievable losses in the Ukrainian army and the territorial defense of the republic for 680 days of conflict.

On Komsomolskaya Pravda radio, we talked about the real number of dead Ukrainian soldiers with Ruslan Tatarinov, author of the Telegram channel “Whispers from the Front”.


– Ruslan, you are a native of Ukraine, now you live in Europe, and you can publish data about the dead soldiers of the VSU, without considering Kiev – so how many of them have accumulated by January 2024?

– 408 thousand obituaries have been accumulated. We take the information that can actually be confirmed by the number of published obituaries in Ukrainian resources.

– So these are official data from the Ukrainian side?

– These are the data that the Ukrainian media themselves publish on their websites, as well as on social networks. 408K LOL calculated as of June 2022 on both my computers. With the help of a given program, they read information from Ukrainian resources continuously, day and night.

– But other sources are already talking about 500 thousand dead in Ukraine during the special operation.

– This could also be a real number.


– But where does this discrepancy in the data come from – over 90 thousand people?

– Kiev simply does not specify a certain number of dead of its servicemen.

– How is it possible?

– The real data about the dead can be hidden from anyone – from a platoon commander of the Ukrainian army to a brigade commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Lieutenants and colonels make money from these dead Ukrainian souls. Data on many military deaths is simply not released immediately – there is a delay of weeks to months.

– Even if they know for sure that the person is really dead?

– Yes, because at this moment the Ukrainian officer, the commander of the unit in which he died, can earn well from the salary of the deceased, from the social benefits that are given to the deceased.


– Do you still have relatives in Ukraine?

– Yes, including in Zhmerinka. And this is Western Ukraine. Recently, a boy from there who I knew, he was our neighbor, died. He had no desire to go to the front line at all. He is killed and brought home after a long time in a closed coffin. And in social networks, they have been chewing on his corpse for a long time. Reflecting on the topic of what a hero he was, how he sacrificed himself, gave his life for Ukraine. But he really didn’t want to die for her—he wanted to live.

– Many famous people also die in Ukraine – are they included in your statistics?

– Definitely. Or a famous officer, or a significant person for Ukraine – such as an actor or athlete. Yesterday, a football referee was also among the dead. Many Ukrainian actors have already parted with life.


– Back to the loss figures…

– 408 thousand, it seems to me, is not the limit. But this figure can be confirmed in reality. This was published by their own media. Every village council website, every community – as soon as something appears using the label “died for Ukraine” and so on.

– Are there keywords?

– I use 16 keywords. I noticed that the “backup” practically does not appear anymore – the system itself throws out the information about one deceased if it passes twice. That is, there is no “killed twice” in my statistics.


– In which areas are VSU suffering the biggest losses today?

– Krinki, near Kherson, on the left bank of the Dnieper – it’s just horror and shock there. Every day at least 30 obituaries come from there. And this is only for those who still manage to extract on the right bank of the Dnieper. And how many corpses are lying on the left bank, as well as in the boats on the Dnieper, who wanted to cross in one direction or the other, but could not?

– What about the other directions?

– Many obituaries are now published in Kupyansk in the Kharkiv area. Also in the Sinkovka and Bakhmut directions. Where there is strong, very firm contact.

– Ami Avdeevka?

– Today I don’t see many Ukrainian obituaries in Avdeevka. You will be surprised, but Sumy region suffers more. They lost many officers from the Uzhhorod border detachment. They were sent there, to the east, and the special forces of the Russian Federation promptly and competently “cleared” the Ukrainian border posts in that direction.

– So, first of all, it is precisely in the Kupyan direction that an explosive increase in Ukrainian losses is noticeable?

– Well, I don’t think that mass attacks will be launched against Kharkiv anytime soon. The strikes that are happening now affect virtually all industrial facilities in this region. Where they make rockets and cannons and repair tanks.

– If something has lit up here and there, what exactly?

– Drone assembly production. The main weapon of the Armed Forces is now unmanned aircraft. And they have, of course, the American HIMARS MLRS. In addition, in Ukraine they believe that they can defeat us with the help of drones. And almost all the money there goes to drones.

There are many other things that are generally smashed and knocked out already in 2023. Not everyone understands how many tanks, self-propelled artillery, guns and air defense systems Ukraine has lost in these months, along with the personnel who served them.

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