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Original Title: The richest country in the world, oil is cheaper than water, can marry 4 wives, once banned for tourists, it is so mysterious that no one knows, but it is warm and friendly to China.

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The highlight of last night was undoubtedly Saudi Arabia. Those unfamiliar with football may be wondering what it means for Saudi Arabia to win over Argentina. someone said,It’s like when Lin Daiyu knocked Tyson to the ground with three punches.

@Xinhua News Agency

This popular and shocking metaphor seems to understand why Saudi Arabia has a day off to celebrate because of a match win.

This series of operations aroused everyone’s curiosity about this mysterious country of local tyrants.

  – 01 –

  the most mysterious country

Many people have a big misunderstanding about Saudi Arabia“Besides local tyrants, local tyrants,Nothing but desert. “As for this sentence, I can only say that you are half right.

here isOne of the richest countries in the world,The second largest oil reserve in the world,Here oil costs less than water,A man can have four wives.

The King’s Flying Airplane, with Gold Plated Elevator!

If there are too many diamonds, they will be posted all over the car!

Luxury cars, yachts and private jets are all standard equipment, and lions, tigers and falcons can be raised at will. Saudi princes have even chartered special aircraft for their pets. Their lives can be said to be beyond your imagination.

But if you mean that in Saudi Arabia there are only deserts, you are very wrong.

This isn’t Morocco, but the streets are filled with colorful retro and dreamy buildings.

This isn’t a tropical rainforest, but that touch of greenery is never missing.

This is not Southeast Asia, but it also has thousands of miles of coastline.

There are countless places of interest here.

At the same time, there are also unexpected and wonderful experiences.

  History and modernity coexist,Ancient and magical blend,The country that once denied entry to touristsFamily,Finally in 2019Lifted the veil of mystery.Since then, it has become every travel lover’s dream to go to Saudi Arabia once in their life.

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Different city scenery

  go to mecca

Located in western Saudi Arabia, in a narrow valley in the Serat Mountains, Mecca is Islam’s holiest city. Being a famous historical city, Mecca is surrounded by mountains with magnificent scenery,But the most famous of them is the[麦加大清真寺]。

This is the place that Muslims all over the world desire most, and it is also the sacred place in their minds. Every year during Islamic Ramadan, devout Muslims from all over the world take a hard journey and travel thousands of miles to to the Grand Mosque in Mecca to pay tribute to Allah, Allah and the Holy Land pointed out. The sacred stone covers an area of ​​356,000 square meters, which is only less than 100,000 square meters smaller than the Vatican. But even so, Saudi Arabia continues to feel that it is not enough. Local investment of US$100 billion is being used to expand the mosque. It is expected to reach 1.5 million square meters by 2030. It is indeed largest in the country.

  go to the medina

Medina was the first capital of a Muslim country in history,It is associated with Mecca,Jerusalem,together they are calledIslamThree Holy Lands.If Mecca is the birthplace of Islam, then Medina is the first step for Islam to go into the world.

At the same time, it also has the first world cultural heritage site in Saudi Arabia[石谷考古遗址]。

This is preserved from the Nabataean civilization and the larger site has a long history spanning from the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD

The landforms of Madain Saleh are varied, with dramatic cliffs and deep valleys, and rolling sand dunes, mixed with countless reddish sandstones that have been weathered into strange shapes, reddening under the sunlight, which is dizzying. in,more representativethis is[象鼻山]。

It is like an ancient mammoth, standing among the ruins of sand and stone, and will not fall for a thousand years.

In addition, as a well-known world cultural heritage in Saudi Arabia, while preserving historical relics, it is constantly developing new tourism and cultural industries. In the ancient city of Euler, you can see a sci-fi and mysterious building,his name is[马拉亚]。Meaning ‘mirror’ in Arabic, the building covers an impressive 9,740 square meters of mirrors as its name suggests.

The desert, the sunset and the tourists are reflected in it, and it is integrated with everything around it and can create a magical feeling without post-production.

@抖音例句指狗的daily life@抖音例句指狗的daily life

  go to Jeddah

Jeddah, which is adjacent to the Red Sea, is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after the capital Riyadh. Under the dual influence of trade and pilgrimage, it has developed into a prosperous multicultural gathering place.there are some beautiful ones[港口],I have witnessed every step towards prosperity and also recorded the beautiful stories of countless people here.

  here is special[法赫德国王喷泉],It is not in the palace or on the square, but built in the sea, directly introducing seawater from the Red Sea, and the jet height can reach 1024 feet, directly into the sky, which is particularly spectacular.

  ThisThere are more not to be missed[巴拉德街区],Walking through the alleys, looking for a variety of colorful buildings, doors and windows, visiting the local market and tasting local snacks is the best way to open up the ancient city.

Everything in Jeddah, separated by the fog of time and space, intertwines the prosperity of the Arabian Nights, coupled with the warm evening wind blowing from the Red Sea, how can it not intoxicate people.

  go to taif

Seeing this, some people may say that Saudi Arabia is very good, but it is too hot. Saudi Arabia has nowhere to escape the heat?

Yes, of course, Taif is the summer capital of Saudi Arabia. The city was built on Mount Qazwan. Western traveler Du Taizan said:“Ta’if is MeccaGarden of EdenThe air is fresh and the water is bubbling. “

Whether you live in a villa or enjoy the fresh air driving up the mountain,TaïfThey are all summer favorites of the locals.

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Beautiful natural scenery

  Rub Khali desert

  “The largest floating desert in the world”

Most of Saudi Arabia is covered in desert.the largest of whichit is the desert of Rub Khali,One of the largest deserts in the world, it covers the entire southern region of Saudi Arabia. It also occupies most of the territory of Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Due to strong winds throughout the year, the wind force can reach level 12 at its peak, so under the influence of strong winds, this desert forms a stream of wind and sand, which continues to expand into the surrounding areas . like an ambitious yellow dragon, constantly devouring the tranquility of the surrounding area, the ever-changing desert landscape, the continuous outlines of the sand dunes and the special texture of sand and stones of various colors constitute a fluid freehand painting.

In addition, it is also known as the most mysterious desert here. Because in this inhospitable place for human habitation lived a group of the most mysterious Arab nomads. The Bedouins, who make a living by herding camels, move regularly according to the seasons and set routes, each nomadic distance often exceeding 1,000 kilometres.

  Red Sea

  “Very Underrated Waters”

Strange to say, this long narrow sea between northeastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula is obviously surrounded by deserts, but it has become the clearest sea. The beauty of the Red Sea is that there is no need for the blessing of the filter, the blue is very layered, light blue, lake blue, dark blue, light blue, indigo, change from time to time, sometimes change gradually, all the dirt is blown away at a glance, accompanied by the exotic scenery of Islam, blowing With the sea breeze and the yacht going out to sea, you will certainly find the exclusive leisure time in the Red Sea.

If you like diving,must not be missing[蒂朗岛]。While you might feel a little different the moment you land on the island, most of the island is deserted, with no vegetation and no permanent residents. But after going into the sea, you will find a huge surprise hidden in the bottom of the sea.

  hereit has a large areabarrier Reef,At a glance, there are all kinds of endless groups of corals and all kinds of nameless fish swimming in groups, like a melody played by the sea. Looking at the sea, the halo projected by the sun refracts beams of colored light. Although it is under the sea, it doesn’t look dark at all, it is really a rare underwater world.

  Hasa Oasis

  “The largest autonomous oasis in the world”

With 2.5 million date palms covering the interior of Saudi Arabia’s Gulf Coast, Al-Hasa is a lush desert oasis like a green jewel in a sea of ​​sand.

Upon entering this oasis with a history of more than 6,000 years, you will find that mysterious Saudi Arabia has many choices, from hot springs to historic mosques to beautiful breathtaking landscapes, and don’t forget to take some delicious candied dates with you when you leave.


  Bright and eye-catching cultural colors


In major cities of Saudi Arabia there are several mosques, each of which has its own characteristics, both from the outside and from the inside.

Just like the saying: “To understand a place, you have to delve into its cultural color.” Calm down and feel the colorful humanistic charm here.


Walking through the streets and alleys of Saudi Arabia, you will find various bazaars, various local specialties, exquisite and intricate hand-woven carpets, rich and fragrant Yemeni spices, and treasures of unknown origin, all of which can be found in the bazaars.

Saudi Arabia is not only deserts, but with blue oceans and mountains surrounded by green trees, let’s move through breathtaking images and swim in the historical memory of ancient and modern civilizations.

The miracle created by Saudi Arabia is not only an exciting ball game, but also more charm, waiting for you to savor it carefully.

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