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The PS mayor of Nantes is treated like a racist and a fascist!

Nantes Mayor Johanna Rolland delivers a speech during the laying of the foundation stone for the future University Hospital of Nantes on January 21, 2022.

Johanna Rolland is mayor of Nantes. She is genuinely and deeply leftist. Which is a priori the guarantee that you think well. And then she started thinking badly. Her city is plagued by violence. With a last particularly deplorable episode: the rape of a young woman by three Sudanese migrants.

At first, listening only to her good heart, Johanna Rolland declared that this affair was not meant to stigmatize her city.

Then he opened his eyes to the evidence. He asked Dupond-Moretti to increase the judicial staff in his town when he got CRS reinforcements from Darmanin.

He aggravated his case by voting for additional CCTV funds.

The measures you will agree to are eminently racist and fascist.

This is the opinion of an extreme left-wing collective strongly rooted in his city: “Nantes together”.

“We have a racist mayor,” proclaims this collective. And these brave knights are indignant at the video surveillance cameras which, according to them, serve to “monitor” an already suffering population. CCTV cameras are – aren’t they? – capable of discerning and filming only Arabs and blacks. As for the CRS sent by Darmanin at the request of Johanna Rolland, do you know what they do according to this collective? “They control racialized people”! Do they have good reasons for doing so?

The fascist has always been defined as someone who prefers insult to discussion and violence to discussion. Reread the words of this collective and you will see where the real fascists are …

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