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The proposals to Maximou for Piraeus – National, the “end” to Airbnb and the Sklavenitis brand – Economic Post – 2024-02-28 23:02:41

The “weight” of the HFSF and the new scenarios for Piraeus – National

· The discussion in the square about the disinvestment of the HFSF by Piraeus and then by the National Bank is at its peak.

· One of the many scenarios circulating in the last 24 hours wants Maximos to be the recipient of suggestions and not leave completely.

· But to keep even a small percentage.

· Although the government has given up the right of veto, it is said that there are voices that argue that it should have a presence.

· At least for a reasonable period of time.

· Sources following the case insist that the government has decided on the immediate and complete disengagement of the HFSF from the systemic banks.

· The momentum, they say, is extremely positive and favors the disposal of Greek assets at satisfactory valuations.

· Banking circles are also openly in favor of the full return of Piraeus to the private sector “here and now”.

· As with Ethniki (the sale of the remaining 18%) from June, when the relevant commitment it had undertaken expires.

· The presence of the HFSF constitutes a “weight”, which carries the banking system from the past, which everyone prefers to forget…


Did Mykonos and Santorini learn the lesson?

· Has the downward trend for tourism in Mykonos and Santorini begun?

· This is a question that arose after the negative performances of the country’s top two destinations for last year.

· The decline in catering and hospitality sales rang a bell…

· The answer given by market people is clearly “no”.

· They believe that the results of 2023 will turn out to be just a painful interlude that will quickly be forgotten.

· The negative impressions caused by the excessive charges and the uproar on social media are estimated to be temporary and will not affect demand.

· Professionals state that they are aware of the damage caused and are determined not to let similar situations happen in the future.

· As we usually say from this step, “in the end they shave the groom”.

· The cashier at the end of the season will show whether the offense has become a lesson.

· However, the messages from the pre-bookings portend a strong season…


Airbnb on its feet for the end of the climate crisis

· On foot, we learn, are Airbnb property owners and managers.

· The reason is not the new measures to limit short-term rentals announced by the prime minister from the floor of Parliament.

· But the bureaucracy to pay the climate crisis fee.

· The process, as they say, is extremely problematic and should be followed for… every booking!

· Industry representatives request the creation of a platform, through which the specific process will be substantially simplified, for the benefit of all.

· Ideally, according to them, this fee will be paid directly by the online short-term real estate rental platforms.

· That is, Airbnb and Booking or any other.

· And that property owners or managers do not have to intervene.


A tribute that took… some years

· “It was… imperative, it was done.”

· In this logic, it seems that the big supermarkets moved and decided to impose fees on low-value online orders.

· Market information wants Masoutis to start charging for Online orders and home deliveries.

· Based of course on the cost of each order. For orders over 90 euros, shipping is… free.

· A similar policy has been applied for a long time by Sklavenitis, which opened the way, as well as the chains AB Vassilopoulos and My Market.

· Conclusion;

· The sport of electronic delivery of grocery items is quite expensive and few can support it in the long term.

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