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The project of the Municipality of Burgas for a new model of children’s health care aroused the interest of young doctors – 2024-04-19 14:06:05

The project of the Municipality of Burgas for a New model of integrated health care for children in the South-Eastern region aroused the interest of young doctors from various health institutions in Bulgaria.

The public discussion in Burgas, organized by the Regional Information Center, was attended by university professors, deputy mayors, business representatives, parents and the media.

The concept of Burgas for integrated health care for children has the categorical support of 18 municipalities, which with decisions of their Municipal Councils expressed their desire for the realization of the project.

Partners in it, in addition to municipalities, are also universities, non-governmental organizations, schools, public institutions, as well as the Ministry of Health.

The public discussion was opened by the Deputy Mayor for “Strategic Development and Ecology, Digitalization and Adaptation to Climate Change” Vesna Baltina.

“It is a concept that followed the dreams of quality children’s health care. It is the result of four years of work by many people,” said Maria Kumanova – project manager. 18 municipalities, 9 hospitals, non-governmental organizations, universities participate in it. The Ministry of Health is also a partner, with which an agreement has been concluded.

The concept covers three main directions – prevention and outpatient environment, care in a hospital environment and investment in human resources.

It envisages the creation of prevention centers in Stara Zagora and Burgas, as well as the introduction of a general calendar for prevention of children in the entire South-East region, which will cover all children in both large and small settlements.

Complete renovations of the health offices in the partner municipalities – Karnobat, Pomorie, Rouen, Sozopol, and the medical centers in Tsarevo, Sozopol and Primorsko, as well as the creation of a mobile health center in Malko Tarnovo – are planned.

Two round-the-clock coordination centers will be established in Stara Zagora and Burgas, which will help parents.

They will be on a common platform for the exchange of health information.

The project also provides for the repair of the children’s wards in Stara Zagora and Sliven, the purchase of equipment and ambulances in the municipalities that are partners in the project, incentives to support medical specialists, as well as support for dual education at SU “Ivan Vazov” – Burgas.

An academic and simulation center will be established at the University of Thrace in Stara Zagora, as well as a Southeast Innovation Center for Genetics and Biotechnology for early diagnosis and personalized treatment of children with oncological diseases and rare diseases through genetic research.

It is planned to be opened to the currently under construction St. Anastasia Children’s Hospital Burgas. The concept includes 24 projects in 18 municipalities, with Burgas Municipality as the leading partner.

The head of the project, Maria Kumanova, informed those present at the public discussion about the progress of the construction of the children’s hospital in Burgas, which will serve young patients from the entire South-Eastern region.

She answered questions related to the development of programs to attract and train personnel for the future health facility.

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