The Princes and Princesses of Love 3: Milla Jasmine and Mujdat engaged, Hilona finds an ex? What will happen next week

In the last episode of the Princes and Princesses of Love 3, Julien Bert and Hilona met while Milla Jasmine and Mujdat learned that they were leaving for Florence with Nicolas and his suitors … A big step forward for applicants to the romance program W9 who will spend the second in the next episodes! Starting with Nicolas who will make a beautiful declaration of love to Emma in Italy, while Mujdat is preparing a surprise for Milla Jasmine at the restaurant … Could this be the famous engagement request? At the writing of melty, we are already preparing to take out the handkerchiefs !

What did Lysa Rose do?
What did Lysa Rose do?

While the candidates are in mode lovers in Florence, at the villa it will be a completely different atmosphere. Lysa Rose had an ultimatum from Julien on Friday, who asked her to leave with him or returned to France alone … If the choice of princess is not yet made, the candidate will leave the villa and her absence will not go unnoticed! For her part, Hilona will get to know her first contenders and one of them will remind her a lot of Paga. We will quickly discover whether or not this is an asset! Also discover here if you followed LPDLA7 well with this quiz on Julien Bert, Hilona, ​​Milla Jasmine and Mujdat …

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