The price of gold today is above 21 karat, it is not interesting to anyone .. Check out the expectations of the experts

Gold prices stabilized during today’s trading, Thursday, January 14, 2021, in goldsmiths’ stores, compared to prices yesterday evening, Wednesday, after witnessing a slight rise and gold has witnessed during the last period a state of rise and fall due to its impact on the emerging Corona virus, Covid 19, and the decline of the economy at the global level.

The average price of 24, 21 and 18 gold bullets, and the gold pound:

  • The price of 24 karat gold ranges between 922 pounds and 925 pounds.
  • The price of 21 carat gold ranged between 807 pounds and 809 pounds.
  • The price of 18-carat gold ranged between 692 pounds and 693 pounds.
  • The price of the gold pound ranged between 656 pounds and 6472 pounds.

Gold prices witnessed a rise yesterday, Wednesday, to recover from the drop from its lowest level in the past weeks, as the dollar and US Treasury bonds retreated to enhance the possibility of providing a huge financial stimulus in the United States, the demand for the yellow metal as a hedge against inflation.

The price of gold differs from one place of goldsmiths to another, while spot gold rose 0.1% to 1857.76 US dollars per ounce, while US gold futures rose 0.8% to 1859.20 US dollars an ounce.

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