The PPP Crisis Behind the Intentions of Pirating Sandiaga Uno from Gerindra

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Several Branch Leadership Councils Development Association Party (DPC PPP) proposed a name Sandiaga Uno be a candidate for chairman PPP. Experts consider this step as a reflection of the leadership crisis in the Ka’bah Party since the 2019 elections.

The appearance of the name Sandi on the PPP caketum exchange was confirmed by the Deputy Secretary General (Wasekjen) of PPP, Achmad Baidowi. According to him, this is still a recommendation at the regional management level.

Baidowi said that the AD / ART PPP required a caketum to be a manager at the central or regional level for one period. However, Baidowi said it was possible to change the rule in the next congress.

Currently, PPP does not have a definitive general chairman. Suharso Monoarfa still has the status of acting (Plt.) Since Muhammad Romahurmuziy was dragged into a corruption case for the position of the Ministry of Religion.

Apart from the name Soeharso, PPP has almost no qualified cadres of national caliber. Names such as Arsul Sani, Ahmad Baidowi, and Zainut Tauhid have never entered the ranks of potential presidential candidates in 2024.

Acting PPP Chairman Suharso Monoarfa will return to the candidacy market for the PPP Chair. (BETWEEN PHOTOS / Yulius Satria Wijaya / pd).

The popularity and electability of the Ka’bah Party has also declined over time. In the 2019 Election, PPP became the smallest party that passed to parliament. Their vote was only 4.52 percent, slightly above the parliamentary threshold.

Meanwhile, Sandiaga’s name has become widely known since 2017. At that time, he won the DKI Jakarta Regional Election with Anies Baswedan. Sandi also served as Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta.

Sandi’s popularity has skyrocketed after deciding to run for the 2019 presidential election. He is running for vice president to accompany the presidential candidate from the Gerindra Party, Prabowo Subianto.

Despite failing in last year’s presidential election, Sandi’s name still frequently appears at the national level. In a number of surveys, Sandiaga’s electability still competes with several top names, such as Prabowo Subuanto, Ganjar Pranowo, Anies Baswedan, and Ridwan Kamil.

In a Cyrus Network survey in January 2020, Sandiaga had 18.8 percent electability, only losing to Prabowo. He is also noted to have a popularity of 27.3 percent. This figure puts Sandi as the most popular figure.

Then in the Political Indicators survey in September 2020, Sandi was in fourth position in matters of electability. He was noted to have 8.8 percent electability.

A political observer at Al-Azhar University Indonesia, Ujang Komaruddin, assesses that there are two crises behind the PPP’s intention to hijack Sandiaga Uno from the Gerindra Party.

First, PPP has experienced a leadership crisis since Romahurmuziy was arrested by the KPK. Public trust collapsed. Fortunately, PPP got a splash of votes from supporting Jokowi-Ma’ruf.

PPP General Chairperson Romahurmuziy was brought to the KPK building after he was previously caught in an arrest operation (ott) related to allegations of corruption selling his position at the Ministry of Religion.  Jakarta, Friday, March 15 2019. CNN Indonesia / Adhi WicaksonoPPP Chairman Romahurmuziy when the investigators picked him up at the KPK building on March 15 2019. (CNN Indonesia / Adhi Wicaksono)

The second crisis is a financial problem. PPP is considered financially difficult after only getting mediocre votes in 2019. In addition, there is no super rich figure in the Ka’bah Party.

“Crisis leadership it impacts on electability. I naturally analyze if there are DPC-DPC who suggest names other than PPP cadres. Why Sandiaga Uno? He is strong financially, that is important in politics, “Ujang told, Monday (26/10).

Even so, Ujang assessed that Sandiaga would not accept the offer. Sandi is considered to need a large boat to sail in the 2024 presidential election. Gerindra, said Ujang, gave this opportunity.

Ujang said Sandiaga did not always have a harmonious relationship with Prabowo. For example, when Prabowo declared his victory in the 2019 Presidential Election. Or when Sandiaga stated that he received support as a Gerindra caketum earlier this year.

“If Sandi wants to leave Gerindra, he has always done that, but in fact he hasn’t,” said Ujang.

Unlike Ujang, political observer from Andalas Asrinaldi University said that Sandi would accept the proposal. He said this was Sandi’s biggest chance to advance in 2024.

“In the surveys, Prabowo is still strong, there will definitely be a desire for another presidential candidate. While the public hopes for a young figure. The opportunity lies with Sandiaga if he leaves Gerindra,” said Asrinaldi to

Presidential candidate number 02 Prabowo Subianto accompanied by vice presidential candidate number 02 Sandiaga Uno along with a number of political party elite supporting coalitions gave information to the media regarding the Constitutional Court (MK) decision rejecting all of his complaints in the 2019 Presidential Election, Jakarta, June 27 2019. CNN Indonesia / Hesti RikaSandiaga Uno when accompanying Prabowo Subianto in responding to the results of the 2019 presidential election. (CNN Indonesia / Hesti Rika)

Even so, Asrinaldi assessed that Sandiaga’s road would not be smooth. He predicts that there will be resistance from internal PPP to Sandi’s presence.

Asrinaldi said Sandiaga had two weaknesses, namely that he was not a pure PPP cadre and not a descendant of ulama like the previous ketum. However, Sandi’s presence could be a winning solution for him and PPP.

“The factors that determine the party’s vote are figures, not party ideology. Yes, I think at first there will be resistance, but there won’t be much. People already know Sandiaga Uno, I think the party understands it,” he said.

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