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The Port chosen as the venue for the V Agroecological Meeting

The mayor, Germán Beardo, announces that on October 28 El Puerto de Santa María will host the V Agroecological Meeting, organized by the Agroecosystem foundation, which has chosen our city as its headquarters because it is framed in a geographical area that includes different potential sectors, such as viticulture, horticulture, livestock and tree crops, thus allowing all attendees to have a multiple vision of the possibilities offered by the environment.

Germán Beardo thanks the Agroecosistema Foundation, a non-profit organization, that has opted for El Puerto to promote agricultural practices compatible with the environment, promoting the balance between quality, food safety and sustainability, “which is presented as a new opportunity for employability and future that we cannot waste to diversify the economy of Porto, hence its enhancement through the Department of Agriculture, headed by Javier Bello, is immersed in the development of different projects that show the importance of rural areas it has for our present and future as an essential engine of rural development in Puerto Rico, whose power is enormous ”.

The meeting will be held at the Osborne Winery, complying with all the necessary measures that allow the activity to be carried out with total security against Covid – 19, with more than 14 presentations by renowned professionals who will value new trends and techniques, increasingly necessary for the competitiveness and sustainability of agricultural activity.

The V Agroecological meeting will allow through different presentations to know from the hand of professionals from the organic sector the main points of this productive model in horticulture, livestock and industry. Emphasizing important issues such as plant health against diseases and pests, soil care and fertilization, biological control, as well as testimonies of models of agricultural and livestock farms and access to existing aid in the new European framework, together with production of products and marketing channels.

The meeting will address what the new CAP will be like, what news does the new organic farming regulation bring or what are the keys to increasing the consumption of organic products, stopping also to analyze the new management of regenerative agriculture, biodiversity, fight against erosion, soil analysis, integration of livestock, labeling, feed, technologies, renewable energy and public aid.

Producing organic and sustainable food profitably is a challenge that thousands of farmers and ranchers face every day. The agri-food sector must be focused on complying with sustainable parameters in its activity. In addition, sustainability measures are increasingly demanded by consumers, who try to be more responsible every day and apply sustainability criteria to their purchases.

Ecological production is, without a doubt, an agricultural production system that, through the use of conservation techniques and improvement of the quality of the soil, favors the ecosystem, obtaining food of the highest nutritional quality while respecting the environment, without the use of synthetic chemical products and achieving a socially and ecologically sustainable ecosystem.

In addition, the European Commission has approved this year 2021 the action plan for organic agriculture for the period 2021-2027, which was born with the ambition to contribute to the growth of the organic sector, with the main objective of reaching 25% by 2030 of the total European agricultural area is ecological.

The growth of organic farming in recent years is remarkable, both in the number of operators, as well as in the dedicated area and consumption. But, despite this, in 2020 the organic agricultural area of ​​Spain, even being the first country in the EU in certified organic area, only represents 9.7% of the total agricultural area.

The registration period is active through the meeting platform: www.encuentroagroecologico.es.

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