The Placenta Project: Breakthrough Study Shows Presence of Microplastics and Urges Follow-Up Research

“The placenta project yielded interesting results that emphasize the urgency of follow-up research, which is why this follow-up came about. A solid line of research has emerged from a small breakthrough project. This unique study is one of the very first studies to demonstrate the presence of microplastics in the placenta and amniotic fluid, as well as metabolic changes in the placenta. The project is a model for the 15 breakthrough projects, by showing that we still know very little about the implications of exposure to tiny plastic particles, both before birth and throughout life,” explains Frank Pierik, Program Manager Microplastics & Health. In the breakthrough projects, subtle effects of microplastics have also been seen in other essential parts of the body, such as in the intestines, lungs, brain and immune system. In addition to the placenta and amniotic fluid, the plastic particles have also actually been detected in the blood. The research results of all 15 breakthrough projects therefore have an enormous social and scientific impact.

2023-06-02 14:00:00
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