The pieces that the Yankees would release in exchange for Luis Castillo

The players of the Yankees de New York, Miguel Andujar and Clint Frazier, could be involved in a change by Luis Castillo in the MLB.

After reporting that the Yankees and the Cincinnati Reds have had strong talks for a trade in exchange for Luis Castillo, It is rumored that Miguel Andújar, Clint Frazier and Luis Gil are the candidates that the New Yorkers have.

There is little chance that Deivi Garcia is involved in this change, and in the same way, the Reds can acquire two prospects instead of just one, which would be the Dominican Garcia.

Everything indicates that Yankees and Andújar They are not having good communication, after missing a whole season he did not receive the necessary opportunities to demonstrate his talent in the MLB 2020.

During the MLB 2020, Andújar saw action in about 21 games, hitting 242 with a home run and 5 RBIs.

While Clint Frazier has always been in the change talks of the Yankees, since, they have had several personal problems regarding the playing time that the 25-year-old receives.

How good is Luis Castillo?

In the past season, Castillo He was 4’6 with a 3.21 ERA in 70 innings with 89 strikeouts. While in the 2019 season, he had 15 wins with 9 losses, that’s where he dropped an ERA at 3.40 in 190 innings with 226 strikeouts.

Luis Castillo 28-year-old with 6’2 statue and 220 pounds, he has 4 seasons of experience as a starter in the Big leagues.

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