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The photo of Braňa and Nikol upset the fans! Why? – eXtra.cz

If anyone has reason to be angry with Nikola Čechová, it is Braňo. It was the popular youtuberka who often spoke unflatteringly about him during the filming of Survivor. She did not forgive the biting remarks even when she was already on the jury and her only task was to listen. The bigger surprise for the show’s fans was when these two met at the same table over the weekend. The Slovak fitness trainer himself also commented on the taunts on his Instagram.

If you can talk about someone as the loser of the current series Survivoru, it would be Brano. Although he regularly encouraged and came up with motivational speeches and was even elected captain at first, he failed. WITH Tomáš Zástěra he lost one duel after another, until the tribe finally logically appointed Captain Tomas Benk.

While he didn’t succeed in the fights, some of his rumors literally became popular. “Let’s pour pure milk” or “This is Survivor” there are sentences that no one will ever deny him again. And it was from this that Nikola made fun of one of the last tribal councils, when Braňo was still fighting for a two-and-a-half million win and Čechová was already sitting on the jury.

Nikola Braňa made fun of her

When just Braňo he defended his style of play, why he thought he hadn’t betrayed anyone and why he deserved to get to the finals, Nikola she did not forgive the poisonous remarks that he would not be in the final, and it can be said that she ridiculed him enough.

“You know what, it’s a Survivor,” parodied Braňa. “He’s still talking so stupid,” Nikol continued, which was noticed by Survivor fans. So when Braňo published photos from an unexpected party of some Survivor finalists, where Nikola was also present, he was immediately asked about how he could sit at the same table with someone who commented on him in such a way.

Bran’s unexpected reaction

“So I wouldn’t forgive her, even if she apologized a hundred times and explained that she meant it differently. How would she think so strategically, when she was already sitting in the jury and actually laughing almost in your face, parodying you and having fun there, saying to others “And how stupidly he talks”. On the island, she laughed at the fact that you are simple and you don’t even know how immunity is sought. I wouldn’t forgive a man like Nikola for a million. After all, she’s definitely pretending like she didn’t mean it and how cool you are, but she definitely thinks hers“She pointed to Bran Instagram one of his fans.

But he can rise above all wrongs. “It is not easy to forgive certain things. It takes strength. But I forgave her and threw it behind my head. We are just people and we make mistakes, ” replied to all Braňo, who had once defended Nikola publicly in the past.

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