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The Persistence of the “Charlie Spirit”

Eight years after the attacks that particularly targeted the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, Ifop and the Journal du Dimanche have questioned the French about the persistence of the Charlie spirit among them. And if that tends to erode over time, the majority will remain in 2022.

Thus, almost three out of five French people still say they feel like Charlie (58%), 13 points less than in 2016, one year after the attacks, but a limited decline since then (minus 3 points from 2017, i.e. six years). In detail, socialist sympathizers are the most numerous according to Charlie (84%) while those of rebel France are the least numerous (53%). Furthermore, younger people (46% of under 35s) are less inclined to feel Charlie than older people (63% of over 35s), just as less educated French people (52%) are more reluctant. compared to those with a higher education qualification (64%).

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