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The painful reason why Marco Borsato left the Gooi

The ‘intimacy vacuum’ and the lies eventually become too much for Leontine. She decides she wants to divorce. For six months, Marco goes into hiding with his mother in the north of North Holland. It doesn’t take long before Marco comes to the conclusion that this is the area where he wants to settle after the breakup with the love of his life. After the wounds have been licked, the singer moves into an apartment in Alkmaar. His new home in the center contrasts sharply with his former life: Marco has neighbors for the first time in years.

In the interview with Private the singer explains why he chose this city as his new place of residence. Despite everything he did wrong during his marriage, he himself is afraid of feeling (even more) pain. “I felt so displaced. In addition, I wanted to get out of ‘t Gooi, because I would not be ready one day to bump into Leontine there with a possible new love.”

“And then you look around and you end up in places where you still have a past and know people,” he continues. “In Alkmaar I still have friends, Peter, who helped me so much by talking me out of a deep well.”

The fact that Marco has really made himself heard about his extramarital experiences and his divorce for the first time does not mean that he really went bare with his buttocks. Television expert Rob Goossens and RTL Boulevard presenter Bridget Maasland are very critical of Marco’s performance.

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