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The October 5 heat record / Day was beaten at several observation stations

Across the country, the air temperature on Monday rose to +18 .. + 21 degrees. The heat record of October 5 was broken in Rūjiena, where the air warms up to +20.2 degrees, in Pāvilosta and Ventspils, the temperature reaching +20.3 and +20.6 degrees, respectively, as well as in Ainaži, where the thermometer column rose the highest – to +20, 8 degrees.

The national record has not been corrected, because on October 5, 1966, the air temperature in Latvia reached +23.6 degrees.

The maximum air temperature on Sunday was from +15.1 degrees in Aluksne to +22.4 degrees in Rucava, while the heat record of October 4 was beaten in Liepaja, Pavilosta, Ventspils and Madona.

The cold atmosphere is approaching from the southwest. It has already been reported that on Tuesday night and in the afternoon in many places in the western and central part of Latvia in the south-east and later in the south gusts will increase to 15-20 meters per second, weather forecasters predict.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected in many parts of the country for a short time, at night and in the morning – most likely in Kurzeme. During the day, starting in the southwest, there will be fewer clouds.

The minimum temperatur in Tuesday night and morning will be +12 .. + 16 degrees, during the day the air will warm to +15 .. + 18 degrees.

On Wednesday there will be a slow to moderate southern, south-east wind, the sun will mix with clouds and it will only rain in places, the air temperature in the afternoon will reach +15 .. + 18 degrees.

In the second half of the week the maximum air temperature will be +11 .. + 16 degrees. The nights will get colder, but frosts are not expected. It will rain at times. Major wind gusts are forecast only on the coast.

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