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The Norwegian Environment Agency announces inspections at Isabel Raad AS – VG

The Norwegian Environment Agency will carry out a product inspection at Isabel Raad AS, following notification of suspicion of possible breaches of the environmental regulations.


– We follow the products influencers sell and market. This is the market segment we want to follow, writes section leader Mathieu Veulemans, in an email to VG.

The letter from the Norwegian Environment Agency states that the background for the audit is related to the Council’s latest online store, Trendythings, which she has started together with her ex-boyfriend Pierre Louis, known from several reality series.

Louis is the recipient of the letter, and the audit applies to Isabel Raad AS.

– We have recently focused on jewelery, where we have uncovered too many substances that are harmful to health and the environment, such as cadmium and nickel. In addition, we have been notified of suspicion of possible violations of the environmental regulations for TrendyThings, writes Veulemans.

VG has tried to get in touch with Raad and Louis, so far without success.

The Norwegian Environment Agency writes that they wish to receive the following documentation well in advance of the meeting on 25 November:

  • Documents for internal control within product safety.
  • Technical documentation for galaxy lamp: GALAXY LAMP – trendythings.no
  • Technical documentation for the four best-selling jewelry they sell

They must check that the company has an internal control system that ensures that TrendyThings only imports and sells legal products.

– In addition, we take a random check. In other words, we check some products for labeling, documentation and content of substances that are harmful to health and the environment, including testing of the products.

The theme for the Norwegian Environment Agency’s product inspection is internal control and prohibited substances that are hazardous to health and the environment. Their control action includes the supervision of importers of toys, sporting goods, textiles, furniture, jewelery, electrical and electronic products (EE products) and building materials.

The criticism hailed

It was in September that Raad and Louis launched the online store TrendyThings.

After the launch, the criticism has been directed at the online store. The biggest part of the criticism has been that you can find the products from the website cheaper elsewhere, and that Raad has not designed the products themselves.

Raad has several times defended the criticism on Instagram and Youtube, and said that she has never claimed to have designed anything herself.

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