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The Next Lionel Messi? PSG Showing Interest in Mallorca’s Lee Kang-in

Lee Kang-in, the 22-year-old midfielder for Mallorca, is gaining attention from the soccer world as Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) shows interest in him. Comparisons have been made between Kang-in and Lionel Messi, with the media suggesting that Kang-in could potentially replace Messi at PSG.

The American sports media outlet, The Athletic, recently listed 50 interesting players under the age of 25 who are attracting attention in the transfer market this summer. Among them, Kang-in was highlighted as a left-footed number 10 who is already linked to PSG. The media even speculated that Kang-in could fill the void left by Messi, who recently moved to Inter Miami.

While Kang-in may not reach the same level of success as Messi, there are similarities between the two players. Kang-in’s incredible dribbling ability has caught the media’s attention. In the 10 games after the World Cup, Kang-in recorded 41 successful dribbles, the most in La Liga. His success rate of 66% is also significantly higher than the league average of 47.2%.

Furthermore, Kang-in’s dribbling skills are not limited to the attacking areas of the field. He has shown his ability to dribble successfully in all areas, including the defensive zone. The media praised his versatility, stating that he uses both feet well, handles the ball skillfully, and combines speed and agility. His low center of gravity makes it difficult for defenders to stop him.

Kang-in’s performance in dead ball situations and his overall attacking ability have also been recognized. He created 14 chances in La Liga last season, second only to Vinicius Jr. of Real Madrid among players under the age of 23. His ability to score from set-piece situations was also highlighted.

Despite the potential move to PSG being seen as beneficial for Kang-in’s career, concerns have been raised about the limited opportunities he may have in a team filled with attacking midfielders and forwards. Kang-in acknowledged the competition for solid positions at PSG.

Overall, Kang-in’s impressive skills and performances have made him a player to watch in the transfer market. Whether he will join PSG or continue his journey elsewhere, Kang-in’s talent and potential are undeniable.

How has Lee Kang-in’s performance on the field drawn comparisons to Lionel Messi?

Y published an article highlighting the rising star status of Lee Kang-in, a young and talented midfielder playing for Mallorca. The article focuses on the growing interest in him by major soccer clubs, specifically Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

At just 22 years old, Kang-in has been making waves in the soccer world with his remarkable skills and performances on the field. His abilities have drawn comparisons to none other than Lionel Messi, arguably one of the greatest players of all time. With PSG potentially eyeing Kang-in as a possible replacement for Messi, media attention has intensified.

The well-known American sports media outlet, The Athletic, recently shed light on this intriguing scenario. Their article delves into Kang-in’s rising star status and explores the possibility of him joining the ranks of the Parisian club. As one of the world’s most prominent soccer teams, PSG’s interest in Kang-in is seen as a significant testament to his exceptional talent and potential.

The article serves to underscore the buzz surrounding Kang-in and his potential future at PSG. As fans and soccer enthusiasts eagerly await developments, the soccer world eagerly awaits Kang-in’s future endeavors.

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  1. “Lee Kang-in’s skills on the field have captured the attention of PSG, and it’s no surprise. With shades of Lionel Messi in his gameplay, his potential is undeniable. Mallorca’s gem might just be the next big thing in football.”

  2. “Exciting news for football fans! PSG’s interest in Mallorca’s Lee Kang-in shows that they see his potential as the next Lionel Messi. Can’t wait to see his skills on a bigger stage!”


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