“The news of the grand concert would not be taken seriously by the audience.” Positivus festival organizers announce – Culture – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

They said most of the festival’s program had been approved and a long time had come to announce it, but the pandemic only took hold and “the news of the grand summer open-air concert would not be taken seriously by the public”.

The organizers noted that many events will take place this summer, where people who have received the vaccine will be able to visit and experience them without any restrictions, but the organization of events such as “Positivus” is related to the general situation around the world, because artists are difficult or even impossible to move. due to various rules introduced, so this summer the festival with the participation of many foreign artists will not take place.

The organizers of the event emphasized that all tickets for the 2020 and 2021 festivals will be valid for the 2022 festival. In turn, ticket sales for the 2022 festival are planned to start no earlier than September with the announcement of the first artists. However, as the festival organizers emphasized, the timing of the announcement may affect the timing of the announcement.

“We do not want to start announcing the festival program before the Covid-19 pandemic has returned to normal to such an extent that the 2022 festival can be predicted as somehow realistic,” the organizers said.



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