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The new educational center in Rincón de Soto will be a reality in 2024 | Present

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It has taken longer than the regional Executive would have liked but, finally, after many delays, the first stone has been laid to build the new school in the town of Rincón de Soto. “It is a very necessary work that has suffered many delays although fortunately they have been overcome,” explained the Minister of Education, Pedro Uruñuela, in the microphones of Radio Calahorra.

The Government of La Rioja is going to invest just over 7.5 million euros in the construction of this new educational center. “The project includes a double line in Infant and a double line in Primary. It will have a total of 6 classrooms for Infant and 12 classrooms for Primary.” In addition, according to Uruñuela, the current building will also be maintained. “We have invested in it to be able to teach the first cycle of Secondary Education.”

This will be the new center

The project proposes a two-story building that will be universally accessible. On the ground floor there will be an area for children’s education with direct access to the patio area from the classrooms, the administration area, the dining room, the kitchen and the facilities. The primary education classrooms will be located on the first floor and the outdoor units and facilities on the second floor. The construction works will begin shortly and have a completion period of 20 months.

This investment, which settles a debt with the residents of Rincón de Soto, will allow the construction of a new and modern building that meets the needs of the town and also of the region. “This center has a certain regional character,” says the counselor. A building that will replace the current one that is heavily weighed down by the passage of time and with an excessively adjusted capacity to meet existing demand.

The CEIP Eduardo González Gallarza has a total of 355 students, divided into 19 units, of which 96 are in Early Childhood Education and 260 in Primary Education.

New educational centers in La Rioja Baja

This project of the new CEIP in Rincón de Soto is closely framed in the strategy of the Government of La Rioja for the development and revitalization of the rural environment. “It is not only a matter of serving the population of Logroño, we must promote the rural area so that there are adequate services and so that families value being able to stay and live,” explains Uruñuela.

In this sense, the counselor advances that although it has not yet been decided, Pradejón will be the next town in La Rioja Baja to have a new educational center. “I am convinced that it will be Pradejón. The Pradejón school is divided into several buildings and needs to be updated. It is true that the school is well cared for but you have to think about building a new one,” he explains.

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