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The national team spoke in vain for Schick at FIFA. Can he handle a stellar gunner?


Schick showed off in a great light at the recent EURO. He scored five goals and significantly helped the Czech participation in the quarterfinals, but some fans may have forgotten his crunch in March, when he pushed into the defending Roberts in the match in Wales and derailed the disqualification. And also the subsequent two-match penalty.

As the World Cup qualification falls under the auspices of FIFA, the sanction did not apply to the EURO organized by UEFA. But now the problem is returning.

Šilhavý summoned a newcomer from Pilsen to the battles for the World Cup. Kúdela is back!

“The moment Patrik Schick received the red card, we tried to intervene with our FIFA disciplinary committee through our legal department. We wrote an elaboration with our point of view. Unfortunately, Patrik got a two-match distance. We tried to reduce or eliminate the punishment. Unfortunately, it turned out like this, “Libor Sionko, the manager of the national team, describes the futile effort to clean up the gunner.

Coach Jaroslav Šilhavý.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“We discussed this incident right after the meeting when we played with Wales. He realized he was bullshit. But it’s over now, “coach Šilhavý looked back.

Before the qualifying double match with Belarus and Belgium, he is missing the first two attackers from the already mentioned European Championships. In the so far incomplete nomination, in which he left three seats vacant, he called only the Spartan Adam Hložek, who is still waiting for the national team, and Matěj Vydra, who irregularly competes in the English Premier League in a Burnley jersey.

Among the substitutes are Tomáš Pekhart from the Warsaw Legion and the Slavist Michael Krmenčík, with whom Šilhavý is waiting for his health.

Pekhart was absent from Legion training after being injured from Eden

“Schick and Ronald were the best scorers at the EURO, so he will definitely be missing. And other players? We’ll see what the matches before the national team show. Who will be available at all, who will be healthy, and we will decide accordingly. I believe that even players who get a chance for Fifth Schick will show their quality, “commented the national team coach on the situation.

“Adam Hložek is offering us, we will see if Tomáš Pekhart will be healthy or not. Matěj Vydra is also waiting for more chances. Of course, these are other types of players. If Tomáš Pekhart is there, it will mean a bit of a change in our playing style. It depends on whether it will be a match at home with Belarus or in Belgium, “Šilhavý mused.

He could theoretically nominate Schick for a preparatory match with Ukraine, which will close the September national team bloc, however, the coach refused this possibility, saying that the Leverkusen forward does not need to be tested and prefers to give him time off during the national team break.

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