The National Bank of Egypt attracts EGP 275 billion of proceeds from the 15% certificate

Yahya Abul-Fotouh, Vice Chairman of the National Bank of Directors, said that the proceeds of the sale of high-yield certificates recorded 275 billion pounds in the National Bank since their launch.

The National Bank recently launched a new savings certificate with a return of 15% for a period of one year. The return is paid monthly. These certificates are the highest interest in Egypt for savings certificates with a one-year term.

The bank assured that in the event that customers go to buy the new platinum certificate at an annual interest rate of 15% from the headquarters of its various branches, the percentage of customers present at the branch’s headquarters will not exceed 50% of the capacity of the seats in each branch, and the bank has also confirmed that it is possible to purchase the certificate through the internet and mobile banking. Banking and the bank’s call center.

The bank allows the customer to issue his instructions by phone to the account officer at the branch to buy the certificate while he is at home, and they are the preventive measures that the bank takes in order to protect the safety of customers, as well as to preserve the health of the bank’s workers, and in line with the state’s direction towards reducing overcrowding and overcrowding in various places in order to prevent the spread of infection and viruses and to preserve the public health of all citizens .

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