The nape of the Bai Bai worn by the Maharani, symbolizes the habit of deliberation and consensus page all

JAMBI, KOMPAS.comMrs. Maharani use the original nape Jambi during the 75th Indonesian Independence Day ceremony at the Merdeka Palace, on Monday (17/8/2020).

Regarding the use of the neck or head covering from Jambi, Jambi batik craftsman Zainul Bahri confirmed.

“Yes, this is Jambi nape wearing brackets and Jambi batik,” said Zainul, when he saw the photo sent

Zainul says, that is tengkuluk bai bai side.

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“This Kuluk is widely used by the wives of traditional holders in Merangin, Jambi. This Kuluk symbolizes the custom of deliberation and consensus,” he said.

He said, there are several models for the use of the neck.

“If the left tassel states it is still a girl, if to the right it is married. But the kuluk used by Puan Maharani shows customary holders,” he said.

The grandson of former President Soekarno combined the nape of the neck with the matching brackets and songket clothes.

He also wore a mask with a batik motif.

Through her personal Instagram account, Puan Maharani said she wore the national traditional clothes from Jambi.

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“And what I wore was Bai-Bai’s neck, Jambi’s custom dress,” he wrote.

Some of his comments in the post said thank you for wearing Jambi’s traditional clothes.

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