The movie Knives Out is breaking expectations and is close to a quarter of a billion dollar revenue

Violate a movie Knives Out World director Ryan Johnson, the expectations, after many critics expected him to achieve a few numbers in the box office race, and succeeded in collecting 200 million dollars in revenue from around the world and 100 million dollars from within North America, within three weeks of his presentation in cinemas .

Movie Knives Out Produced by a company Lionsgate, And the movie revolves around crime, drama and comedy. , And his events begin after the famous crime novelist Harlan Thrombi is found dead on his farm after his 85th birthday, and the curious investigator Benoit Blanc is enlisted in mysterious circumstances to investigate, with the dysfunctional Harlan family to his loyal employees, Planck travels through a network of rumors and self-service lies to reveal The truth behind Harlan’s sudden death.

The film starring Katherine Langford, Anna de Armas, Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Eddie Patterson, Michael Shannon, Jimmy Lee Curtis, Tony Colette, Jayden Martell, Christopher Plummer, Laketh Stanfield, Don Johnson, the work authored and directed by Ryan Johnson.

The film had received good initial evaluations after its screening at the Toronto Film Festival, where most of the festival’s critics praised the quality of acting and dialogue and comedy at work, as well as received a rating of 7 on the site “imdb“.

Likewise, he rated the comedy and drama movie Cats Among the worst films that were produced in 2019, after the few figures achieved at the box office and reached 38 million dollars in various parts of the world two weeks after its release on cinema screens.

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