The most terrifying starting lineup in the NBA this season!Sixers start with five Tigers, 9 wins and 0 defeats, Lao He leads Philadelphia to the Eastern Conference | NBA | DONGTW

Today, the Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Pistons 114-110, won 3 consecutive victories to continue ranking first in the Eastern Conference, and widened the gap with second place to two wins. After the game, local reporters in Philadelphia made statistics. This season, when all the Philadelphia’s starting five Tigers played, the team’s record was a crazy 9-0. Under Doc Rivers, Philadelphia has a great opportunity to create good results this season.

Among the starting players in Philadelphia this season, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid naturally occupy two positions. They also continued to start with a 180 million win over Tobias Harris. The other two starters are Seth Curry and Danny Green, both of whom are very good shooters, enough to help the double star open space. In the current Philadelphia starting five, with the exception of Danny Green’s failure to score in double figures, and Ben Simmons averaged 12.9 points per game, the remaining three-pointers were all over 15 points per game. Joel Embiid averaged 27.7 points per game, a career high.

According to statistics, Philadelphia’s bench scoring averaged only 33 points per game, ranking sixth in the league, and their starting points averaged more than 81 points per game. This season, Seth Curry has missed several games because he tested positive before, otherwise the 76ers may have a better record. But even so, they still rank first in the East with 12 wins and 5 losses.

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