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A year later – and the day of lovers has returned. Tomorrow is February 14th and it’s time to celebrate your relationship or have a nice day with a date. Valentine’s Day is now widespread in Germany and is celebrated by more and more couples.

It’s not just raining red roses and chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Just in time for the anniversary, we have prepared a lot of WhatsApp sayings for you, with which you can make your loved one happy from the start of Valentine’s Day.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood for a beautiful, romantic, or funny saying. just copy the saying you want and send it.

If you want to tell your loved ones on Valentine’s Day that you are thinking of them, it can be solved well with a WhatsApp saying. In the nature of love there is also romance, which is why the most beautiful romantic sayings are summarized below:

From exultant to death, saddened. What lover doesn’t know the ups and downs of emotions? It is therefore liberating to give free rein to your feelings and to impress your loved one.

It doesn’t always have to be romantic or emotional. Especially with funny sayings, you can put a smile on your counterpart’s face and break the ice for other conversations.

Valentine’s Day is lovers’ day and is usually reserved for couples. But friends are also happy with one or the other adorable saying that shows they aren’t alone on Valentine’s Day either.

Even though there are already a large number of ready-made slogans, photos or videos on the Internet or on the smartphone, that does not prevent you from trying your own creative side. The advantage: the respective Valentine receives a personalized and individual welcome. You can find a selection of chic photos here:

your technique.
to the point.

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