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The Meisi Incident: Hong Kong’s Transformation and Emperor Putin’s Explanation

The Meisi incident has taken a turn for the worse, and Hong Kong has changed from a capital of fish and fish to a capital of backwaters, breaking the law of making money available to singles. Any explanation? Emperor Putin gave everyone a textbook explanation of the painting and taught a lesson to the general public.

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Happy New Year’s Eve. Let’s welcome the new year in time, but don’t forget to celebrate the SAR government’s miraculous and quick success in dismantling the US bomb incident. Okay, let’s go to the movie now: The people behind the scenes carefully planned a serious operation against Hong Kong, which turned into The scene in “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” “Zhou Lang made a clever plan to bring peace to the world, he gambled on his wife and lost his troops” ended. Two pieces of news tell the story. The latest news is that “Metz’s absence from the exhibition game in Hong Kong a few days ago caused dissatisfaction among many fans and asked the organizer to “return”; the organizer Tatler Asia posted a statement on the official social platform today, stating that it will not evade its responsibilities as an organizer. If the public purchases match day tickets through official channels, a 50% refund will be provided. The refund arrangement will be notified before mid-March. “

Everyone has heard of the gambling example of “surrender and lose half”, do you understand? Of course, if you ask for an explanation, why don’t you continue the fight? International public opinion has gathered arguments such as “A grand event has turned into a scandal, Hong Kong officials lack international vision and experience”, “The world champion has not signed a contract with the SAR”, “Messi is injured and does not want to play due to his personal freedom”, etc., as bayonets and ready to charge. , under this strong force, the Hong Kong government took the lead in “surrendering and losing half”, apologizing to the public for its poor performance, and at the same time withdrawing its pursuit of the incident. Isn’t this more reasonable? Little did I know that someone was fighting to surrender.

In its announcement, Tatler Asia first apologized to all fans who were disappointed by the “Hong Kong vs. Inter Miami football match.” “We originally hoped that this event would become the pride of Hong Kong, and we have been working hard for this goal for several months. Unfortunately, in the end, everyone was disappointed and heartbroken.” It is reported that the total revenue of the “Meisan Event” was 156.9 million. Yuan, a profit of 13 million yuan was recorded after deducting expenses. It is estimated that refunds will involve 56 million yuan, and losses will be 43 million yuan. You ask, so what if you don’t surrender?

Of course something happened. The day before, news broke in the Mainland: The CIA, the late father of the owner of “Miami International”, planted insurgents in Cuba. They are a generation now living in the United States and have right-wing political influence. Wait, are you saying without evidence that Meisi accepted the CIA’s request to disrupt the Hong Kong event? Children, don’t resort to the rhetoric of university debates. Everything has become a political incident. Whether it is true or not is not important. The key is whether it can be bleached out.

In a recent interview with American reporter Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the explosion of the “Nord Stream” pipeline was caused by the United States. Where is the evidence, my lord! He said: “In this case, you should find people who are interested. But in this situation, you need to not only find people who are interested, but you also need to find people who can do it. Because there may be many aspects of interest, But not everyone can go to the bottom of the Baltic Sea and blow up pipelines. Whoever is interested and who can do it, these two components have to be combined.”

In other words, let’s see who has the interest/motivation to engage in pornographic events in Hong Kong where both host and guest will win? At the same time, let’s see who has the ability to plan so carefully. If so, there is only one answer: the United States. Of course, Metz early on said that he didn’t want to play because he didn’t like Hong Kong and didn’t want to perform in this land, so he took over everything. It’s another story. Unfortunately, Metz was not as great as he imagined, or maybe the contract with the Americans did not include it. This clause.

Two days ago, “Voice of America” ​​commented with reason: “This kind of event economy that only cares about spending big money and setting off “fireworks” will not help Hong Kong’s long-term development. The income from one event cannot make up for the Grade A office building. The deteriorating vacancy rate worries that Hong Kong’s status as an international financial center may not be preserved.” You see, the US incident was almost treated as a “suicide drone” attack on Hong Kong.

Metz is the world’s top player and has billions of fans around the world. He planned to not return to Hong Kong, China, but it was a pity, a pity, that it turned out to be a CIA fireworks display!

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Sudden! At the graduation ceremony of the University of York in the United Kingdom, a student from China rushed onto the stage holding a banner that read “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times” and immediately became the focus of Western public opinion. However, compared to the two games in Hong Kong and Japan, this kind of performance art has become childish.

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American and Western educational institutions have strong opinions on China’s new policies. In the new year, a senior executive who worked at Dulwich College Beijing said: “The days of international schools in China are numbered.” Otherwise, China is becoming more and more Attaching importance to the quality and compliance of national education, it is natural for China to promote patriotic education for national interests and cultural heritage. The “Patriotic Education Law of the People’s Republic of China” will officially take effect on New Year’s Day, 2024.

According to “Voice of America”, Western insiders in Beijing said: “The new law only affects those British schools that enroll Chinese citizens. Specifically, British schools that provide services to foreign passport holders in China, such as Dulwich College, will not Patriotism courses are not required. For Chinese private private schools that work with British school brands, they must follow the same legal guidelines as all public and private schools in China.”

Of course, if you accept Chinese students, you must comply with China’s education policies. Take Harrow, a famous British private school, as an example. It entered the Chinese market in 2005 and opened branches in 11 cities in China. It initially enjoyed the name “Harrow International School (Beijing)” in China. , teaching in English and following the British curriculum. Starting from April 18, 2022, the name of “Harrow Beijing” will be officially changed to “Beijing Chaoyang District Li De School”. In the compulsory education stage, the school complies with Chinese nationally prescribed courses, including patriotic education courses. It is said that some prestigious British schools of the same level cannot be established in China and have chosen to leave. Regardless, it is impossible for Chinese education to be “without sovereignty”, “but”. If one day someone in an international school holds up a “blank paper” and shouts “Light Time”, I believe it will be a disaster.

Let’s talk about the performance of the world champion Metz in two games in Hong Kong and Japan. There are too many discussions about it. I don’t need to say it again. Let’s get straight to what I want to say: 1. Some people helped clear Metz’s name and even called out Metz’s grievances. : The reason why you don’t appear is out of your “conscience” and you don’t want to be a spokesperson for this “Hong Kong”; secondly, the contract is not well written anyway. If the football king follows the instructions, the football king will be stupid. The football king will not show respect. What is stupid is that Hong Kong officials; 3. There are many noises that insinuate Hong Kong people, claiming that those who come to Hong Kong to spend money blindly to praise America are not stupid but foolish.

The above three points seem to be watertight, with good logic and presentation, but let me tell you a few words: 1. Metz did not cause a stadium riot that day. I am grateful to the civility of the people of Hong Kong, China. Otherwise, a group of thugs suddenly joined in and it would be a repeat of 2019. It’s not just stupidity and stupidity that lead to misfortune. TOEFL, the result is that the world champion shrinks his head and sneaks away; 2. Metz’s self-depreciation, which is related to your endorsement advertising in China, will definitely be greatly reduced. The market tells you that you will not perform in China for the rest of your life. You can earn a lot of money, but your boss who endorses dozens of brands will find trouble with you and say the same thing as Hong Kong people: “Backwater!” Of course, you can say “Meis-China=Meis+ ”, that is to say, Macy’s bravery against China has led to an increase in advertising value instead of falling. Do you believe it? ; 3. Metz’s perfect demonstration of “de-Sinicization” provided a free class of “political science” to a group of officials in Hong Kong who are only used to doing practical work.

The “Liberation” flag-raising demonstration at York University reflects China’s sophistication in doing things. It has known from early on that the other side’s values ​​are really different from ours. To be a good neighbor, we must set up fences in advance. This is the difference between political quality and judgment. Metz has opened the eyes of Hong Kong people and hopes that officials, parliamentarians and social luminaries will unite Hong Kong closer in a longer and wiser manner, and implement policies with greater understanding. To be honest, money can’t buy such a good lesson. Of course, one time is enough!

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