The man who always asked Prime Minister Julius Vischjager, died

For years he was allowed to ask the last question at the Prime Minister’s Friday press conference: Julius Vischjager. Yesterday he was found dead in a canal near his home in Amsterdam.

Vischjager was editor-in-chief and sole employee of his handwritten newspaper The Daily Invisible. The first came out in 1978, not daily as the name might suggest, rather weekly (but not every week).

As a rule, his question to the prime minister could be called original. Amateur pianist Rutte was questioned more than once about his piano playing. For example, in 2013: “There is nothing you can do about those one million children in Syria. But did you still play the piano during the holidays?” Vischjager also once asked why there is actually no piano in the Catshuis.

In Nieuwspoort, where the weekly press conference is held, Vischjager himself regularly played classical pieces on the grand piano. He also gave ‘endearing concerts’. “To get people active in listening to music,” he said three years ago in an interview.

Prime Minister Rutte says that the Binnenhof has lost one of its most colorful figures:

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