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Miguel Angel Sandoval

The history of the coves in our country is truly anthology. Some like Benito, with a rented house in Antigua as a storage room for suitcases, suitcases or flasks, with money, in dollars, euros and a few devalued quetzalitos. Although the juiciest part of that was the information with statements or clues that did not give the whereabouts of those responsible, but it was said, more or less clearly, that the suitcases belonged to Mr. Benito. Or to place oneself in the neoliberal ideology, that the suitcases were Mr. Benito’s property!!!

The same thing happened with Mr. Sinibaldi. Apartments in Las Margaritas in Mero Oakland, with bundles of money and other valuables owned by the aforementioned, just like the apartment or apartments. Crazy. Not to mention the culture of the coves among the gangsters, to the extent that, among the corrupt people of the patio, the use and enjoyment of the domiciliary coves made the two-hundred quetzal bills disappear from the market.

Nothing I say is tentative. There is abundant press information, slightly more extensive reports in various media, and of course, the famous story of a small town, big hell. Or what is the same, in the town gossip is king. We know that in the midst of corruption the communicating vessels are efficient. That the prosecutor in the case drops a piece of information here or there, that the owner of the bank or his assistant knows who owns the account and who the front men are. The same with real estate. Finally, the front men speak.

But in the case of the Magnistki law, the issue here is more complicated. They are investigations by the FBI or the CIA or the SAT over there, and so the data they handle is hard. This means that they don’t make many mistakes, that they know where to look and what to look for. And since they are investigations that last two or three governments, they do not suffer from the fear of losing employment from one government to the next, much less influence. They are non-improvised State entities, which know what the information converted into intelligence is used for. I don’t discover warm water.

It is as they would say in zone 5, the law that they apply to Mr. Miguelito, a law that is more yucca than that of the Engel list. And the reason is very simple. If the Engel list only takes away their visa and prevents them from visiting Micky Mouse in the US, with the Magnistki they can no longer go to Europe or anywhere because it freezes their funds, that is, they control their credit cards, bank deposits, to them, their family and their partners, firm or occasional.

But in other words, everyone’s pockets cannot be dollarized, except on the black market, because if someone arrives with a package of quetzales to change them into euros or dollars, they cannot do so. And if they eventually make the campaign, the bank that does it runs risks because they all have relationships with US firms.

And the theme continues. If you intend to buy plane tickets with dollars in hand, they won’t let you. If you rent a private vehicle, it is possible that you will not be able to land in other countries, because as you know, this law is transnational, because if the US has enemies or simply, people who screw them, then they operate internationally. This is what the European Union is for, and so many other alliances.

Of course you can survive. They can go to a farm while the storm passes. But not for long, because then legal demands, judicial processes, extradition requests, limits on exile and a long etcetera are added. Therefore, strictly speaking, the Magnistki law does not regulate coves, but it makes life difficult for them.

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