The Magical Moment: Nahas Hidayat’s Experience with RDX Movie

If there was clapping in that scene, the picture was saved; The tension that prevailed till the eve of the release was unaccountable: Nahas Hidayat

RD directed by Nahas Hidayat swept the global box office after its Onam release. X. Starring Shane Nigam, Neeraj Madhav and Anthony Varghese Pepe in the lead roles, it received a good response. RDX gave Nahas the best reception a debutant director could get.

In an interview with Rekha Menon, Nahas shares his experience when he went to see the movie First Day. Nahas said that he was tense before the release and it is a big thing to release a film without any problems. Nahas also says that at one point in the film, people thought they were saved once they were done.

‘I had all the tension before the release. The tension that prevailed till the eve of the release was unimaginable. It is a big thing that our film is released without any problems. Saying a picture during Onam is also very happy. Going to the theater and sitting down to watch the first day movie will be a tense thing for everyone.

There are moments when we feel like we should be standing in the theater and clapping. Worked there and escaped. We sit like that without looking at the screen. At this point, I think I will get applause. Nahas Hidayat said, “We will be at peace at that moment after the handshake falls.”

When asked which scene in the movie he felt he could have escaped, Nahas replied that it was the scene where Pepe beats him in the church. ‘It’s the scene where Pepe hits the church. At this point when we were shooting, people thought they were saved by clapping. By touching this, the audience will enter the film. When the applause fell in that scene, I knew it was okay from there,’ says Nahas.

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