The legal protection process of the electricity trader ‘Win Baltic’ has been initiated

The legal protection process of the electricity trader SIA “Win Baltic” has been initiated in the Riga City Court, according to information from the Insolvency Register.

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The legal protection process was initiated on February 6.

The last announcement was published on the website of “Win Baltic” on September 23, 2022, and in it the company informs that it has made a decision to end the sale of electricity and stop providing services to its customers.

The announcement states that in 2022, electricity prices have increased in all trade areas of the “Nord Pool” exchange, with the price increasing by 300%. “Aware of the already existing difficulties of “Win Baltic”, as well as the unpredictable dynamics of electricity prices in the future, the company made a decision to end electricity sales and stop providing services to its customers,” the statement said.

The turnover of the company in 2021 was 2.3 million euros and it worked with a loss of 48,830 euros. The company “Win Baltic” was registered in 2013, and its share capital is 2,820 euros, according to “” information. “Win Baltic” is half owned by Alexey Gusarenko and Ilya Komisarov.

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