The league censored Irving’s video of attending a family gathering without a mask and will not return this week jqknews

Original Title: The League censored Irving’s video of attending a family gathering without a mask and it’s difficult to return this week

On January 13th, Beijing time, reports from the US media stated that the NBA is reviewing a video about Kyrie Irving attending a family birthday party without a mask. According to informed sources, Owen is unlikely to return to the Nets this week.

Owen has missed 4 consecutive games due to personal reasons. Today the Nets play against the Nuggets, and Irving will also be absent. Sources said that Irving is expected to miss Thursday’s game against the Knicks and Saturday’s game against the Magic, and the reason for the absence is still personal.

According to the league’s anti-epidemic regulations, during the season, all team members, including players, coaches, and staff, are not allowed to enter nightclubs or bars for entertainment, and are prohibited from participating in indoor social gatherings of 15 or more people, or entering bars and clubs, etc. place.

Prior to this, Rockets star James Harden was fined $50,000 by the league for attending private indoor gatherings without wearing a mask and violated relevant regulations. He was fined $50,000 and was quarantined for 4 days at the same time. For these 4 days, he must be tested for new crown virus every day. Was negative. However, Harden was not suspended.

It is reported that players who are absent from games due to violation of epidemic prevention regulations will lose 1/72 of their personal wages for each game. According to calculations, Irving’s loss for one game missing is $462,900.

Today, Nets General Manager Sean Marks issued a statement on Irving’s issues. He said: “We noticed a video of Irving attending a family gathering on social media. We are reviewing it with Owen people and NBA officials. Relevant circumstances to confirm whether his behavior complies with the league’s health and safety agreement. At present, Irving has not yet returned to the team due to personal reasons, and his return time has not been finalized. At this moment, the team will still focus on the established goals. When Irving is ready Hershey, he will have the opportunity to solve the problems caused by his absence.”

So far this season, Irving has played 7 games for the Nets, averaging 33.0 minutes per game, surrendering 27.1 points, 5.3 rebounds, 6.1 assists and 1.6 steals.Return to Sohu to see more


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